Varga & A Rebel Few 11 Aug. 2017 at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton ON. 2 great bands under 1 roof... awesome show!

2018.... kicked it off VERY busy...... hence something new for the website: A link to my SmugMug account!


7 Oct. 2017 found me at my home away from home (it seems), The Rockpile, for Rustik's EP release of "Hesitate". Along with headliner for the evening, The Killer Dwarfs (not pictured, I scooted out early, my apologies), was openers Esther Widmann & Goatbox Rebels (photos of those bands here). It was awesome to be part of this, and I must thank Robert & the guys for allowing me to be part of this release! An amazing night of friends and music! Pick up their new disk, When you get the chance!



2019 ...

   BEST way to see pics is on the Smug Mug. Serious. I know I have some editing to still do, but I will be doing that soon, even if I have to shut myself in and take a couple days.

   Keeping up is a challenge, but it's one of those new year promises I need to keep to myself. Until then, check the link out, and enjoy!

Sept. 16th 2017 found me at Warehouse in St Catharines, for the CD/album release of The Lucky Ones "Better Late Than Never".

Support for this show: Charles J. Hunk & The Trainwreck and The Let Downs........

Congrats on the release & thank you for a hell of a party!!! Great show, fellas!

Prismind had their debut CD release for "Disciples By Design" on, of course, May 4th of 2017 (A Thursday... I wasn't missing it.). With special guests Dark Insignia & Sylde, it was an amazing night of music, and that CD will kick your ass in a VERY good way.

2017... a great year for me......

  Some (I do get to a lot...) of the many 2017 gigs I attended .....

(I am not able to get everyone on here, or post all the shows... I will, however , do my best to get some shows up when I can... I have limited space...

... I thank you very much for your patience & understanding!!!)

Here is just a taste from 2017......

(Something I saw on Facebook that rings entirely too true......... )



Esther Widmann

Goatbox Rebels



So... when you get busy, whatcha do...?

  Make it easier for photos to be shared!

    SmugMug has made it very easy for me to do this. I can share individual links to all the gigs, easily, according to date... even a few "tbt" ones (dated accordingly) for you to check out. Each button I put up has a direct link to the folder on the date listed.

    Makes sense, right? So enjoy the photos & see you at the next gig!!!

Rustik...  (Congrats on the EP release of "Hesitate", fellas!)