Sept. 25th, 2017:

 It was a hell of a weekend......... Hubby's birthday Friday, Punishment/Fallen Heirs Saturday, & The NMAs on Sunday... and I could have been busier, but before the gala on Sunday, I seriously needed more than an hour sleep! It was worth every moment, but today I got to catch up on stuff I usually do on a Sunday... so this is still Monday (*technically*), but I know it's late... so I will make this short.

 One of the highlights for me this weekend was hanging out with Karl Anderson of Anderson Creative (check it out!)..... who, unlike me, was "off duty", and we had fun talkin' shop, enjoying the tunes, and just seeing a lot of people we both know!

 Dawn Hamilton (Mini's Memories... check it out on Facebook) was there on Saturday to shoot (always nice to see her!), but also had shooting duties as an honourary member of G3 Designs team on Sunday for the NMAs. (That lady is a dynamo! Check out her work.) It was also nice seeing Mike, towards the end.....  as we were leaving. Check out his work, too!

 So, on top of all that...... preparing today (and the next couple days) for in studio guests Pop Cherry (and we have some tunes from them!), who join me in Da Nest this week for the show... with some new tunes from other artists old & new! I have some great new additions to the playlist!

 Busy? Yeah..... but always worth it! This week, also, Niagara Music Week is happening, too, so if you are in the Niagara area, check it out.... just go to their Facebook page for info!

 I have more work to do......... so I will catch you next week, hopefully earlier than this! Let you know how the weekend coming up is.... which includes (to mention one thing) Headbangers ball at The Rockpile in Toronto!

Until then..... have a great week and see ya on the airwaves!



Sept. 11th, 2017:

To add to everything else, and I don't have to elaborate, we all know, or are well aware, of what happened on this day 16 years ago... and it was, truly, a bad day in history. In all honesty, I have had a bit more on the brain past week...... but we all will never forget.

Let's go back to Sept. 2nd, with a great show at The Rivoli (Battered Egos, Fortunate Losers, & Ian K. (Rosner Management Services)) (... and photos still await, yes...) which was fantastic... the first 3 photos in the gallery were taken with my cell phone (Samsung S7), and the second one, was taken with a smoke machine going at full tilt. Maybe we need someone to invent a filter, lol...

On Sept.6th, under a full moon, I had Jacqueline Lovely as an in studio guest...... and as usual, never a dull moment! Always great to have her visit Da Nest. HeadBanger's Ball (hosted by Jon Munroe) is coming up at The Rockpile on Sept. 30th, and she was here to talk about that and one of the 2 benefits that happened yesterday, on the 10th of Sept. (More on the 10th in a bit...)

Thursday & Friday of last week still had me reeling from the week before, but Friday (the 8th) we attended a Stag & doe for friends, and saw a lot of good people... and I won a 3 liter bottle of Crown Royal. No, I don't drink....... especially any form of rye or whiskey (even when I was drinking....) so it was just a *touch* ironic... and the irony wasn't wasted.... I have plans for it, though... but no clues. You just have to wait... ;)

Saturday, the 9th, was an anniversary for me, I wish I could forget, but I took the opportunity to stay busy, relax, and do what I wanted. Kicked off the day with some live music with Johnny Mac Slater & band at the Locke St. Festival. It was nice to see him, and it was a good time! Had a gooooood cup of coffee from Brown Dog Bootleg Cafe across the street, and have you tried their fritters...? OH my word.... YUM!!! We (G & I) walked around a bit, and we finally just hopped in the Dodge for a cruise.

Took the time to actually stop and shoot (with the camera, ok?) a couple of creeks, trucks, the Jordan ship,  and the brilliance of the sunset we were privileged to see. Turned towards home early, because my knee is a jerk... and that leads us to the 10th...

2 great benefits happened on Sept. 10th... (I was unable to attend either due to a knee with a mind of its own... rest was required...)

Rock & Rise: Like A Phoenix (in its 3rd year) happened in Hamilton, ON, at Club Absinthe, put on by Anita Beckwith. Jacqueline Lovely and other great musicians performed.....  and the benefit is held in support of Phoenix Place, which is a program at the YWCA..

Mental Health Awareness Fundraiser (in its 1st year) happened in St. Catharines, ON, at Shorty's Sports bar, put on by LJ Scott. Scurvy Dogz and other fantastic musicians donated their talents to make this first fundraising benefit for Pathstone Mental Health Facility a roaring success!

Community helping community........ and no matter where you are, there is wonderful people who will help if you reach out!

Congrats to everyone who made these 2 benefits possible and for doing a fantastic job!

Today is another day... and just remember that curve balls are thrown to hit out of the park!

See ya Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern on the RBX Radio airwaves, and enjoy your week!


Sept. 18th 2017:

 It's Monday again, and I survived another weekend. So much is going on over the week and next week, I thought it was a good time to catch you up.

 On Thursday and Friday last week, I didn't really do much except update my vid of the week (which I do every Friday) and get some pics out on Facebook... I still need to do some others, but slowly I am catching up.

 Saturday was a little busier........ hubby had a company golf tourney and I was prepping for The Lucky Ones CD (and album) release of the long, locally awaited "Better Late The Never". (We have a disk to add to the playlist... thank you Steve Stumble!).

 Once downtown (and feeling hungry), G and I decided on The Works and who should I run into? Shane Neal of BS Live Rocks (also present was Tony, Colin (of The Body Shop) and Cathy....). Shane & I talked a little business over a burger & KD (news soon) and a few kudos were exchanged over the renewal of BS Live Rocks in its second season on local Cogeco TV. Anyways, some things good are coming up, so stay tuned for that by checking out their website (bsliverocks.com) or their group on Facebook.

 After, it was off to Warehouse in St. Catharines for the CD/album release of The Lucky Ones "Better Late Than Never". Was there early enough to talk Steve's ear off (hahaha... always fun to chat with ya!). I was there not only as my DJ self, but to also represent Indie Rocks (indie-rocks.ca). (Christie Hails was with her band Battered Egos, at a benefit (Vying for Violet) for a little one with cancer, that Mike Richards (CDC Entertainment/Eklectik) organized. From what I hear, it was an amazing success! Shout-out to my girl, Kimmie, for getting some pics!). Support for this show was Charles J. Hunk & The Trainwreck and The Let Downs. It was a fantastic show, I got to see some friends play, and got to hang with Rabidog Films Cam Alfred Schwarz, talk camera gear and watch him work filming The Lucky Ones.

 All in all, a great night and a lot of fun....... and Sunday, it was back to some domestic stuff and the cards off the camera got dumped.

 Now... one other thing coming up this coming Sunday, the 24th: 10th annual NMAs (Niagara Music Awards) , which will be followed by a Niagara Music Week...... (posters from Facebook posted separately here). Check out the posters, and keep up to date on Facebook about things happening, by going to their FB page.

 Tomorrow on RBX Radio (rbxradio.com) check out Bobby B.'s show (7 PM Eastern) when he has special in studio guest, Social-Strife (it will be an awesome show!), and on Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern, I will catch ya on the airwaves for my show!

Have an amazing week!!!

Fallen Heirs, Detour, in St. Catharines... 23 Sept. 2017

Sept. 1st, 2017:

A rare Friday update...

Last night, 31 Aug. 2017 (date redundant, I know....), I went to The Rockpile in Toronto with a friend in a band, Eklectik, to watch them, and I just felt "off".

Found out a supporter of the music scene has left us..... and those who knew him are heartbroken beyond words today.......

Whenever I was attending a show, I was always early, and there he was sitting at the end of the bar, having his drink. Always welcoming to all... and it didn't matter if you were there for the first time or 1001th time, he made you feel part of everything going on.

Colin.... you shall be missed by all whose lives you touched....

Sept. 5th, 2017:

 It was a long freakin' week last week, and I am going to take a moment here just to let people know where my head is at...

 For the most part... I am missing a couple people, as they left this Earth, and that is probably the hardest part of loss for me. Everything is supposed to go back to whatever normal is expected, but it will take some serious time, for some people especially...because  there are reminders everywhere... and honestly, personally, Labor Day long weekend is never going to be the same after that... not for me. I am trying to get back into the swing of things this week.

 I am looking at it as a moment of reflection instead of weakness... Inner reflection. It does make you stronger, but this is not to say I won't "have my moments". We all grow in our own way. I am a little swamped, and it's ok to admit it, but you can't get your work done without putting your brain in a better place emotionally. Focus is needed, and if you need a day to do so, so be it. I took that day ... it doesn't happen often, but sometimes you gotta.

 I will be getting pictures done soon from Thursday at The Rockpile (Aug. 31st with Ascending Consciousness, Skeleton Lake, Eklectik, & Social Strife) & Saturday at Rivoli (Sept. 2nd with Battered Egos, Fortunate Losers, & Ian K.) (look for another update soon), but for now, I am a little behind ... and dropping a gear this weekend was good for me. I recharged yesterday (usually I update this on a Monday... long weekends throw me off sometimes) by stopping by the lake and canal watching the ships do what they do (for me, very relaxing!) ... which is travel the waterways delivering bulk goods to ports where they can get on trucks for their final destinations. Some ships might be doing this for the last shipping season, as others are just getting started. It's always sad to see an older ship no longer doing what it was built for, but things change... and progress progresses.... and that is that.

 I have come to realize, that change, (good, bad or indifferent) is never-ending. The moment does come when you *just accept*. You don't have to like it or be happy about it, but there truly is nothing you can do about it.

 Now, today is also the first day back to school here for the kids.... so let's wish them well, and hope they learn lots! All you drivers out there, too, be aware they are out there..

  As for the show...

 I did have guests last week in Da Nest under circumstances out of our control...... and we focused on the life of a good friend, who we lost on the last Sunday of August. Totally spur-of-the-moment... we didn't really plan much and for the first hour-ish, we talked, played tunes.. At this time, I want to thank Marsh & Kim for joining me. The show in its entirety is on SoundCloud......

 Onto new business.... my first "official" RBX Radio guest in Da Nest is going to be Jacqueline Lovely... who just released, digitally, her CD "Warrior of Truth". We will be talking about that and more.......

Enjoy the pics and see ya on the airwaves.

Punishment, Detour, in St. Catharines... 23 Sept. 2017