12 Oct. 2018

  How you doing out there? It has been a great week, here, getting a few things done, in studio guests, and lots of awesome tunes from great bands. This weekend, starting tonight, is non-stop with all local (and some even into the classic Ontario), as well as some things we have to do, but don't really want to.

 Personally, one of my highlights will come tomorrow... and can't tell you just yet what it is. Will share soon enough, just not right now... and this is something I will be able to cross off that "list" everyone makes....

  Tonight is at Detour, tomorrow is at Warehouse, and Sunday is in The Falls at The Maple Leaf. All 3 are truly different things happening in diversified Niagara....... all very interesting. I just hope I don't feel it too bad on Monday....... and you know that could happen. My emotions are running entirely too high... but that is for another day...

  I have to say it was awesome this past week having Andy & Jake of Revive The Rose here, with some great talk, awesome exclusives, great live acoustic, and just a fantastic time with them here... I want to thank them for taking the time to come by and visiting Da Nest.

  In upcoming shows, I am hoping to have more guests... just right now there is so much going on.... and there is things that I should probably take care of first....

  Until next week... you have a great weekend, and I will see you on the RBX airwaves! #GetOffTheCouch

26 Oct. 2018

   Been 2 weeks? Well, shit, sorry about that. Besides being busy (and we all know I can be insane crazy busy), I caught a freakin' cold. I tried like hell to avoid it, but there has been something going around past few weeks, and friends were catching this in September. That time out on a dock shooting my camera off like crazy, must have been the final straw... been feeling like shit since..... which happens to be the day after my last entry. Stay healthy, ok?

  I caught up on some things on the site, been catching up on SOME photos (my SmugMug is going to be the next thing I tackle), and just trying to stay healthy enough to sit in the chair to do what I need to.

  Going out tonight might be a "no go", and I have to see how I feel for plans I made MONTHS ago tomorrow....  because I do not wish this on anyone... even though someone "shared" with me...

  Have a safe weekend... it is Halloween weekend...... and see you on the RBX airwaves.

5 Oct. 2018

  October already.... where the hell has time gone? So much has changed: some good, some bad, & some indifferent. There might be some people reading this thinking I'm calling them out, but no..... not everything is about "them"... whoever they are. It's about me having my own ideas & path. It's about being positive in the face of being overwhelmed by everything going on in the world, especially my own. I need to go through things that need organizing (which I keep saying and never get to), getting ready for a few things here (and that can't happen till this cluster is straightened)..... and I know not everyone has the same goals, which is just fine... but right now, I must trudge on with my stuff. My focus has to be what I need to get my work accomplished and done.

  I worry about everyone (and I mean EVERYONE, even though I sometimes don't show it or be vocal about it on social media)... probably too freakin much, and I have drifted a lot from my own shit to get so far behind that I really ain't sure where to start catching up. It is not good for my health... this worry...and it isn't good for anyone.

  You get complacent, you don't eat right, sleep right... so maybe, for me, this will be the month to do just that: catch up. Not just what I'm behind on, but what I have thought about doing and focus. I am still paying attention to what needs attention, but no one would fault me for taking a few matters into my own hands and take care of what was supposed to be done earlier. It has become rather obvious to me that unless I get greedy with putting attention on me & what I want, no one is going to help. I have to figure things out... myself. My support for friends will always be there, just need a little "me" time to un-flake myself. I will still be going to shows, doing my thing on RBX, and putting the camera to work, but I must be my own bottom line to be the best friend, dj, photographer, and live music supporter I can be, or I'm no good to y'all. Last couple years took a toll on me, and I need to shake some of that off to proceed.

  Tomorrow is 7 years sober (October 6th), and a lot has to be rethought out. All I know is I am not the same person I was that day I quit. Grown a lot, which lead to finally giving up smokes this past Father's day (June 17th). Our world is changing, and it doesn't matter if we like it, it will continue to do so. Not everything is good, just flip on the news at 6 or CNN... so picking and choosing what I want to do and where I want to go (*key words: what I want*) has become my personal guide. Let's face it, no one is safe anywhere these days.... shit can go from good to bad in a heartbeat. With that in mind, I know how easy it would be to pick up a cig or drink again, and I'll be damned if I am letting it win. I have supporters and detractors, and both are equally important in one's life. Only you can decide if the negative will influence you... and it will always be a battle. I can truly say that I do understand this now, and part of what I feel has not completely helped me grow like I want to (again, key words: like I want). I ain't saying I want to be a Mary Poppins type, no... hahaha... but I do want to be someone who people can turn to for an ear or an opinion that might help, without the fear.

  You probably did not expect this for an entry, today, but it's something I had to get off my mind, for my own sanity. All I know is the music, both live and what I listen to privately, is the only thing that seems to keep me sane. Another year will be upon us before we know it... and we will all be another year older in the process. We need to be kind to one another, but we also cannot loose sight of our own personal goals & dreams. Once we do, we cease to be ourselves, lose focus, and we can't help ourselves ... let alone others who need it... and that is the bottom line. We have to make sure we are ok, in order to be open and open minded to the changes going on all around us. We do not have to accept everything blindly, that's the beauty of being an individual, but maybe understand our reactions better to the actions of others, and we can all grow in the process...... together. Lofty goals? Maybe... but I have always been a dreamer.

  Love all, but not completely blindly. Understand without feelings of superiority. Listen with an open mind even if you don't agree. And by all means...... Let the music move you in whatever genre you hear upon the wind, and maybe expand your mind in the process. We are all constant works in progress, and some times it takes us a while to figure it out, but that's ok. We all grow differently...