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Oct. 9th, 2017:

  First... Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my friends, relatives, and artists out there! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  Secondly, yes... I am still locked out... but new adventures await. I am hoping to resolve this this week, and if not, well... I start freakin' over yet again! I have had a bad week, but I do have options... and a friend this weekend was telling me that there is a way to resolve this, but I have to decide if I want to do it. That simple...

  Onto other GOOD things that went on this past weekend...

  2 awesome shows happened: one at 2 PM and one at 8 PM on Saturday... I stayed in Friday night because I was off-to-the-races EARLY... like pre- 8 AM... but it was worth it.......

  At 2 PM, Prismind was at Sunrise Records, in a mall, not only playing their entire "Disciples By Design" CD, but there was a meet & greet and some cool photo ops to be had (Some photos you can see here, now, in this update)! As usual, they did an amazing job, and it was SO needed after... well... you all know by now... and it truly is a pleasure to see the guys! I, of course, did some "retail therapy" (record store... and yes, G shakes his head at me) bringing home the new phear EP (The Curse Lives On) as well... Saw some great friends, too... Al, Kris, John... and it was an afternoon I totally enjoyed!

  At 8 PM... at The Rockpile....was the Killer Dwarfs (who I did not stay for, and I must say "Sorry", but I was up too early... and I have seen them many times before), however... I was mainly there for Rustik. The release of their NEW EP "Hesitate" was what I wanted to truly be there for. They have been awesome to me, and I really wanted to support! Their set was off-the-charts, and I wish them well with the new disk!

  On this bill, also, 2 new-to-me bands... Esther Widmann and The Goatbox Rebels. Both bands were awesome, and pics for them will happen soon (probably Thursday, no promises... busy week!), however we will discuss them a bit this Wednesday on the show when I have Beyond Savage in studio (looking forward to that!!!).

  (Next week, in studio, CrossDockers... so I am going to be doing a lot of prep, for these 2 upcoming shows here, plus happenings this weekend...)!

  All in all... a good time with awesome tunes and amazing friends! This other stuff is a minor setback... but don't worry... my emotions have cleared... HA!!! (I got me a "work phone" too... No details on that, and very few will probably have the number... just because "reasons".....)

  Back to my coffee & sweet treat in front of me, and off later to celebrate with the Mother-in-law for a visit. I will get to more pics later, but enjoy what I have here for now! Everyone have a great week and I will see ya on the RBX Radio airwaves on Wednesday! Keep it real and keep it rockin'!!!


Headbanger's Ball at The Rockpile with Aron Cross, Still Of The Night, Metal Abba, & Decibels of Dio 30 Sept. 2017

The new wheels: 2016 Dodge Ram 1500.




Too Much of Jon, Sept. 29th 2017 at Sessions on the River.

Oct. 23rd, 2017:

  Been a long week....... I still have not been able to do much on FB, but I had better things to do this weekend. I think someone can kiss my grits, lol... no time for this. Plans for re-arranging the website (to make things easier to find) is on my agenda, and more important.

  Did not go anywhere on Friday, but Saturday found me at a cancer benefit in Cambridge, ON.... Scare Cancer 3 (Major shout out to Glen & Angie!!!!) with Three Quarter Stone, Punishment & Seven Sundays... and had more fun than I should have, hanging out with the bands and Kris (Snapshots by Kris) & John Gelder. A great night with good friends, awesome tunes and all for a good cause!

  Going into the week, I have new tunes from Micheal at Shredguy Records as he sent me the new Chris Bickley ("Digital Reflection") for the show. Have not decided which track or 2 to play yet, but they will be good ones for sure.

  I can't wait for this weekend.... and now I am going to be vague... but this is for certain, it will be a week off. Next week I am doing 2 shows, but we will talk about that later, and I need prep time. I have other plans to figure out for non-stop week of music, and news on that, too, next week!

  Hope all had a great weekend, enjoy the photos, and I will see ya on the RBX Radio airwaves Wednesday! Keep rockin'!!!


Prismind at Sunrise Records at Limeridge Mall in Hamilton, ON... 7 October 2017

October 6th... 2017...quick update for you:

  Today is 6 years sober... and I am grateful for this! That is the good news, because I have been tested... and I ain't giving in...

                    ......... so just to let you know .........

  I have been locked out of my Facebook account. For some reason people like messing with me.

  I am getting really tired of this. Going to need to ponder what comes next, and I want to say "I'm sorry" to all the friends, artists, & bands I support, on a daily basis, for this hiccup I have hit in the road with Facebook.

     (Because, as we know, THEY damned well won't...)

  Changes might come sooner than you think... stay tuned for details!

Until then...... Get out and support your local music scene! They work hard to help entertain YOU!!!

  Have an amazing weekend, see ya Monday for my regular blog update and on the airwaves every Wednesday!!!!

Da birdies....

Three Quarter Stone

Oct. 3rd, 2017:

  Is it already October? My apologies for this being late... caught a whiff of some "bug" and spent 2 days down in the chair. Feeling better today.. hope you are all well!!!

  Last weekend of September was busy, and thought I was going to have Thursday to "drop a gear" but went to the NMA's Niagara music week "Industry Night" they had, or I wouldn't be so far behind! It was good though, as I met some new people & saw friends I had not seen in a while.... all & all, a great night! Some surprises coming your way, as soon as the artists are ready... not any sooner!

  On Friday, there was about 5 things I had in the calendar, and made it to 2. The benefit for Blaize, Pop Cherry at The Rockpile, NMA Country night and Punk rock night (no, not under the same roof.... lol), and Too Much of Jon at Sessions On The river.

  I made it to TMoJ at Sessions on the River & the punk night (hosted by Christie hails of Indie Rocks at Taps on Queen) ..... too much real estate in between them to make ALL of the gigs that evening, but I am hearing awesome things about all of them, and that makes me smile large! \m/

  Saturday I went to Headbanger's Ball where Aron Cross, Still Of The Night, Metal Abba (yep..... never listening to Abba the same way again... ha!), & Decibels Of Dio performed. It was fantastic to see a lot of good friends, and watch them rockin' out!

  Dom (The Rockpile owner) was a sweetheart showing me some stuff up for Colin... (I really wanted to be at that benefit they had, but I had a show to do...) and I will admit to getting a little weepy-eyed... Thank you, Dom!!

  JT of Heaven's Fire gave me a promo copy of the new album (Playing With Fire) which the hard copy drops October 13th, and there is a new video on the way, as well. Teasers can be found on their Facebook page. Good to see him doing his thing on stage. Looking forward to seeing the band, hopefully soon! (I have the hard copy, too, of Judgement Day for the collection!) Thank you, JT!!!

  Two thank yous to do here... one to Jacqueline Lovely for having me there to shoot, and Jon Munroe for a great show!

  Special shout out to Jake.... just because! THE man behind the soundboard at The Rockpile!

  Ok,,, time to get my brian in gear for some things to do over the next week, one being my show on RBX Radio 8 PM Eastern on Wednesday! Let's keep rockin' out there!

Oct. 16th, 2017 (Barely, still, as I start this):

       It has been a LONG weekend... 7 bands in 2 days.... and honestly, I was wore out Sunday!

  On Friday was the Friday the 13th thing going on in Port Dover, ON (Only happens on a Fri the 13th every year) and I was up by 7:30 AM... off to grab my friend... then the trek to Port Dover. G took the day off, and we enjoyed a relaxing day with friends & music! OH and can't forget the bikes...... lots of bikes! The turn out was amazing! Took a little walk, and saw The Vaudevillians playing (I always catch them at things I never think of, and it's always a nice surprise!), and then back to the Legion, because I had to sit a spell...

  First up on our agenda that day... was Eklectik & Hog Wild at the RCL Br. 158, as we hung out and had a great time! Eklectik did amazing for their first time and Hog wild was fantastic! This started at about 1:30 PM... by 6, the tunes there were over, BUT... more was to be had!

  A little dinner with a couple of friends, and then Jack Sith was playing across the street at Norfolk Tavern. Before they went on, the band still on stage was The Shoeshine Boys... and they kept things rockin'! Jack Sith was next, and once again had me movin' the feet and rockin' out! Always nice to see them!

  The day was long, but it was amazing!

Next, on Saturday.... a few errands, and then off to Jimmy Jazz in Guelph, ON for Step Echo and special guests, Cedar Spring Motel. The lighting was a little annoying (my camera is not happy with me right now), but managed a few shots without using flash (which I hate doing...). A very full weekend, and I for one am grateful.......... live music rocks!!!

  There probably is more on my brain to tell you, but for now, enjoy the photos..... see you on the airwaves this week on RBX Radio with CrossDockers in studio!

Oct. 30th... 2017:

  Last day of October approaching fast...tomorrow is Halloween! I am filling in for Bobby B. so he can enjoy the night with the family, and pulling double-duty with my show on Wednesday... looking forward to doing the shows!

  Filled the bird feeder, and had the birds and squirrels happy... well, the birds. The squirrels aren't too happy with me. I moved it... hence the face on the one in the pics below.

  This past weekend, I stayed close to home and in the house early. Just did not want to go anywheres or dress up... I hope all had a fantastic weekend, and back at things of my usual "norm" this weekend which I will talk about on the shows...

  You can probably tell by now, G & I got new wheels. Much needed with the kilometers we travel for his work & my band-hopping addiction. It doesn't have a CD player, but that will be rectified soon enough, but it has heated seats, an awesome stereo, and a very cool rumble with the dual exhausts.

  This week is a ton of things going on: Thursday (Nov. 2nd) is Big Texas for the Leigh Macinnis "Trippin For Daze" tour with Eklectik, Battered Egos & Rob Graham. (Contact the bands for tickets... $10 advanced/ $15 at the door).

  Friday there is tones of post-Halloween things happening, as well as Saturday. You will have to check Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada on Facebook -OR- for info.

  I thought about going to The Rockpile on Friday (Lynch Mob), but I may slip out to see Social-Strife instead (with Eklectik and Donnybrook) close to home.... have to see... 

  Never a reason to just stay home for me, unless I am feeling run down...... but I love it.....

  Catch you on this week on the airwaves on RBX Radio!

  Have a safe Halloween!!!


Seven Sundays