16 Nov. 2018

  It has been an interesting week... with all the changes.  I will say that much... and though a few things are bothering me, I'm just not ready to talk about it yet.

  Let's just say I have been laughing my ass off at a few things, rolled my eyes so hard I checked out my own ass, and am getting a little sick of certain things.....

  Some may read this and think this has to do with them. They would be wrong. Not ready to spill beans yet, but let's just say I have a lot more on my mind than what everyone expects me to.

  I have 3 shows to try and make tonight. 2 are a little more important than the third, but I am going to try to do all 3. If I don't make it.. oh well. Shit happens and Mother Nature isn't helping.

  We got our first snow... and the roads have been slicker than owl poop on a glass doorknob. Looks ok out there now, but it could change....... so we see what happens. All I can do.

  The new switch to Surgery Records Radio has been awesome! Dr. John is getting things sorted proper, and I have started making guest plans. December will be busy, so starting in January, we will be continuing..... also, by then, I just might have had it with the vaping. SO over smoking... this is a good thing.

  So much more to do, but there always is......... so I will see ya later & catch ya on the airwaves!

9 Nov. 2018

  Did it again, didn't I? HA! Tells you how busy I've been. Not just with shows, and pics and stuff for the station, but in real life. I have been keeping to myself for the most part, only because everyone is busy as hell, as well. That, and some other crap has caught my ears and nose, and honestly... if that's the way it's going to be, then to hell with it.

  I never "go off" on anything, but it might be time. I don't have time for games... and hate playing them. Do what you say you are going to do or shut up. This is why I try not to make promises or let people guilt me into shit. I have my own shit to take care of, and I have been ill worrying about everyone else, & I don't see a lot of people worrying about me. That is actually ok... I don't want you to worry about me, especially if you got something you need to work out... you have to take care of yourself. Everyone has their own struggles... and honestly, I do spend more time being worried about others more than myself, and I might have to work on me for a change. It is not a case of being uncaring, it is a case of staying healthy.

  Think what you want, I am going to be me...  and you don't have to like me. Plain & simple. I have very few I confide in, and even they don't know everything. I don't feel being completely open has helped anyone with anything. One must always hold that card close... and because of that, what is said between me and those few stays with me... because sometimes people need a sounding board they can trust when they are having an issue. This is why I always say "What's said in Da Nest, stays in Da Nest"... and you should know it. I am literally sick of a few things that seem to hang in the air, and I truly want to see people work together. It will not happen without putting egos aside, and giving credit where credit is due. News flash: NO ONE is any good without surrounding themselves with ideas... good, bad or whatever. You just have to rise above and take it all into consideration.

  I am really frustrated, and a few key people know it. I have to consider myself first, though, and my family, right now. None of us are getting any younger... and if there is a profit to be made on me... I better be seeing my share.

  OH, and one more news flash for you... I will do what I want, like I always have, go & be where I want, support as much as I can to those who completely support me. This has never been about the fucking money, although having some is nice, it never has been. It has always been about the music and the artist... just letting y'all know....again... in case you forgot.