Nov. 6, 2017:

 November... already... Where the hell this year run off to? Guess I been busy...

  Things, so far, been going awesome at RBX... and I have met more new bands, and this year isn't over yet!  Gotta love it!

  Aside from the usual stuff I been doing, I was at 2 major shows this past week..... one was on the 4th of Nov., which I will get to pics soon... just need to sort my eyes better...... with Social-Strife, Eklectik, & DonnyBrook. Photos soon enough, I just have not gotten around to doing the post on them yet. (More on that in a future blog...) I was told I was introducing Social-Strife that night, so I did. They are my "Video of the Week"..... check it out!

  On Nov. 2nd (pics you see here) was a CDC Entertainment show at Big Texas...... and the guest of honour was Leigh Macinnis of Trailer Park Boys fame..... (a Canadian tv show for those of you who don't know), along with 3 bands: Eklectik, Battered Egos, & Rob Graham. Big Texas was the place to be that night, and it was a great evening....... Leigh was an absolute delight and had everyone in stitches.. (His birthday was the next day (Nov 3rd) so he got a little "Niagara hospitality"!) The local talent kept the place rocking and we all had an awesome night! Special shout out to the staff & owner!

  Hosting this event was Kendra Dyer (on air personality for Brock Radio 103.7 FM), and RBX Radio was represented, as well. (Both Bobby B. & Christie Hails were in da house, and well as me, Phoenix Camerah). I am still recovering from my weekend, and that's ok. It was worth it!

  I got a ton of things coming up in the coming months....... and you will hear about it all on my shows... as they unfold. See you on the airwaves!


Nov. 27th 2017:

  Busy... and usually with winter upon us, I try to hibernate... not happening!

  There is SO much cool going on... that I am keeping immersed in the shows and the season.

  Christmas is now officially less than a month away now, and one thing I can say, is I have started my shopping... at least! Hubby has too... early Xmas present for me was ordered today. (Thank you, G-Man!!) I hopefully will get it soon... and looking forward to testing it out. For once, I am telling no one what I am up to... usually I share... not this time. Guess you have to wait & see..... lol

  Still have some gig & private pics to finish, and I really need to motivate on it all. Battling my allergies isn't helping...... but I'll get it done....

  Today's update was just to let you know I am working hard... trying to keep up and be prepared for the next few months. I have some things going on for the first of the year and on into the new year, that I am looking forward to.... AND excited for. No details yet, but looking forward to the changes....

  Spent the afternoon with the camera while sorting & backing up files, with the little birds & squirrels..... and some bluejays. I may have to invest in a different feeder, to keep these guys around. Their balance ain't so good on this one, lol...

  See you on the airwaves Wednesday on RBX Radio (rbxradio.com) with special guests CrossDockers coming in... and check out Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada on Facebook and bsliverocks.com if you are looking for something to do this weekend, and crave live music!

  Have a great week!

22 Nov. 2017...:

  MAN... am I late with this and I am so sorry... it is now 3:30 am here, too, but I got some pics done, so wanted to share!

  I was at an awesome show Friday & Saturday... PLUS I was busy the weekend before, so I have been trying to organize and get photos done (plus do the shows & get music loaded in), as well as all that domestic stuff one has to do as well.

  What I have had time for (that took me a little longer than I thought it would), was pics from Friday's show at The Rockpile with "The 3 P show": Phear, Prismind, and new to me (who opened) Profaner (who we will be adding to the playlist... if not this show, in a couple weeks with some other really heavy bands).

  None of these photos are on Facebook....  so they are all new to everyone, including the bands, and I just want to give a shout out to them, as well as Jake who did an amazing-freakin'-job at the sound board...... as usual! He is Da Man when it comes to sound.... and it is always a great time to see him & watch him work his magic! (Hi to Dom, too!!!)  :)

  Ok, if I plan on doing a show later today, rest is needed and a little break from the screen is in order!

  Have a good one & see ya on the RBX Radio (rbxradio.com) airwaves later today!

Nov. 13th, 2017:

  What a weekend! Where do I start?

  I didn't do much on Friday except rescue a friend from a little problem... (Read "loaned the hubby out", lol), because I knew Saturday was going to be a little crazy with a Stag & doe, live music (Battered Egos & Eklectik), and over-all running around. Hadn't planned on the Friday thing, but you do for your friends when you can.

  I hear Prismind's gig went well, too... this makes me happy.

  (Man, I really need a clone....... HA!!!)

  Have not touched those pics yet from Saturday, and mostly been posting pics from the cell.. well, a few... but I have not stopped. There is always the house stuff in between everything else... Dontcha know... laundry doesn't do itself, although I wish it would.... some times...

  On Sunday, I helped out Livestock Niagara... and glad I did. There is a couple pictures from my day below... the Taps ones I just took off my FB (cell pics) because those await me, as well... (nah, I ain't busy... phfffffffffffftttttttttth! Hahaha........). Anyways, G took me to Taps, we had dinner, and after Raf drove me home (I must thank him for all he has done for me... he rocks!!!). Featured bands for the night: Ol' Child, Giancarlo Feltrin Band, & Jesse Roper. My feet are angry because sitting a lot wasn't happening, but it was an amazing show for Project Share and everyone.......... from the bands, to Livestock (who put the show together for Project Share) and the staff at Taps On Queen.......... did an AWESOME job for one amazing night of music, love, and sense of community! It was so good to see so many friends I have not in a while.... love them all....

  Yes... I missed out on a few things, but the weekend was great! You do what you can, and this is where that wish for a clone would come in... because I want to be part of all the amazingness all the time! I am pleased things went well for all as I see the posts on FB... makes me smile.

  Now..... as I get things done this week for the radio show on RBX, housework, and photos, I look forward to 2 shows coming this weekend..

  Friday (Nov. 17th) at The Rockpile with phear, Prismind, and Profaner (in the area? $10 for what will be an awesome show)...

  ...and then Saturday (Nov. 18th) at Capitol Q with Barbara Lynn Doran & Robert Laidlaw, wsg/ Mike Lynch, brought to you by Indie Rocks (indie-rocks.ca).

  My weekend is metal to mellow...... and that is going to be awesome!

  I will see you on the airwaves....... Wednesday 8 PM Eastern......... and check out Bobby B. & Christie Hails on Tuesday on RBX Radio, too, 7 PM Eastern ! He is ALL indie.. and you will hear some killer artists!

  Going to get back to my stuff now.... have a fantastic week!



Nov. 10th, 2017:

  Just a little update to let you know things are going to be awesome here in Niagara & surrounding areas! Looking to slip out and maybe enjoy some metal here a little later tonight, with Decatur at The Geekery in The Falls, but I have to see first how something that just came up goes first. Never boring here, let me tell ya!!!

  Tomorrow (Nov 11th) is a stag & doe for dear friends... who are true "family" to me.... so I will miss out on Prismind's gig at The Zoetic... they have the honour of playing there after the Canadian premier of Bruce Dickenson's (Iron Miaden) documentary "Scream for Me Sarajevo"! That's where I would be if I could (and didn't have plans already that was made months ago), so all I can do is be proud of this opportunity for them, and wish them well! Looking forward to seeing pics & video soon after! If you can, you should go, check Prismind's Facebook page for details!

  Next week (Nov 17th), however, I won't be missing out with phear's show at The Rockpile... where support is Prismind and a new-to-me band called Profaner. I love that venue, and am truly looking forward to a great metal show!

  The next night (Nov 18th), Indie Rocks (indie-rocks.ca) (find them on Facebook, too!) & The Capitol Q present Barbara Lynn Doran & Robert Laidlaw, with special guest Mike Lynch! Contact Christie Hails for details on the show, or go to the Indie Rocks FB page for info!

  As you can see, I stay busy... I do relax every once in a while watching the birds (pictures below) at the feeder, or just brushing up on the newest "idea" my over-active brain decides to research....  but the music never leaves my head! "My life blood" some would call it, for no matter how crazy things get, it's always there!

  I wish you an amazing weekend filled with love, warmth, & music! Talk to you on Monday!

  And like I have always said....


                   They work hard, to help entertain YOU!!!


My Sunday....