On July 7th of 2017, Heaven's Fire released "Playing With Fire"... their heavily anticipated follow-up to "Judgement Day" (2013).

When the announcement was made in May, I could hardly wait for it to the point I placed it on pre-order... through iTunes! I was not disappointed.... it is an excellent disk!

A truly great CD you should have in your metal collection!

Tune featured is the title track "Playing With Fire".



On the 13th of August, Toronto, ON band Social-Strife released a single for their upcoming CD "What Doesn't Kill Me" called "MisUnderstood" on You Tube.

After hearing this tune, I am truly looking forward to hearing the rest of the new disk.

Be sure to check out their 2014 offering, "With Friends Like These" as well!

This year, Niagara band Step Echo released a video for their song "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah".

I have had the pleasure of seeing these guys often, and always have a great time at their shows, with their amazing brand of hard rock!

New to the lineup, Basia Lyjak, adds an edge that grabs you, and doesn't let you go!

Catch Brian, Aki, Les, Jordan & Basia sometime at one of their shows... you won't be sorry... and check them out at their webiste and on Facebook.

Video releases on You Tube...

On June 30th of 2017, the Missisauga ON. band phear released a follow-up to 2015's CD "Insanitarim" (fave tune off that disk is "Motives Unknown"...love it!) with the EP "The Curse Lives On".

Included in this is a cover of Iron Maiden's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner", which is one of the better covers I have heard, if not the best.

Here we present to you "Dirty Work"...

Please check 'em out!

(Thanks to a friend for introducing me to this killer band!)



On Aug. 30th, 2017, Hamilton, ON., band, Prismind, launched the first video from the CD "Disciples By Design" ... the first disk from this metal band, that was released May 4th of this year, at their CD release at The Corktown Pub in Hamilton.

It was an honour to be in attendance.

Support for the evening:

Dark Insignia & Slyde.

The name of the song is "Our Broken Fate"......


Bands on my playlist release videos from an EP or CD they have out there for your listening pleasure.

You can go to their Facebook pages, websites and You Tube channels to check out more, and hear them on my show every Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern on RBX Radio!

And please........ Check out the station at ...  rbxradio.com...

In January 2017, London, ON band, Howzat, released "Luv Dust" as a single & video. With 2 singles and vids ("Storm" and :House Of Love") off their 2016 EP "Rough Cutz", this is the follow-up offering for the band.

And... they keep going...!

Look for news by visiting their Facebook page or website.

(Thank you to some good friends for introducing me to their music!!!)



Recently released, Nov 3rd of 2017, by Punishment (from Toronto, Canada), is this video from their 2016 release "Remnants of Things Left Unsaid" , called "Once Were Gods".

Shot, edited, & produced by one of the best video makers (IMHO...)... Joseph Nunn at Behemoth-X Productions... in B&W, the energy of the tune comes across crystal clear! The band has been a staple on my playlist for over 4 years!

Please enjoy & catch this band at a show... they rock!

The Roadhammers...

What can I say? Guilty pleasure? Yeah.. being an ex-transport driver, this is probably the ONLY country band in my collection that I have to buy 2 copies of the newest CD, so mine stays here, and hubby (a trucker, too) can have for his truck.

This is just one of those bands that, every time, makes me miss that open road.

It's ok if you aren't into country.... but just try sitting still to their tunes.....