6 May 2019

   May already.... couldn't tell by the weather, as it has been seriously chilly, and we have really had a lot of rain... at this rate, I won't need the air conditioner till July!

  It was a fun filled music weekend, and hanging out with friends. Let me tell ya about it... starting with a road trip with my bass playing friend, Kim, to London, for a gig Eklectik had with Social Strife & Howzat. Every time I see these bands, they get better and better, and if you haven't checked them out, you should. A big shout out to Jim of All Stage (who I will be talking with soon, hopefully.) and to the venue, Norma Jean's (their burgers & fries rock!). Truly a great night and fun road trip! OH, and I connected with a NEW band for the playlist by the name of Moore Ave Underground. I have already gotten their EP "It's All In My Head", and I will be showcasing them soon on my rock show. (Welcome to the playlist, guys!)  :)

  Saturday, I had a ton of errands to get done, and running around to do, so didn't plan on going out (I was a little pooped, lol), but, in true form, I went to see Christie of Indie Rocks.ca, and had a good talk...( looking forward to connecting again soon with her)... and looking forward to connecting with Amanda from Sofa City Sounds soon, as well. After, I went over to Montys and caught a little of The Country Junkies set (making me more work, hahaha), but it's always worth it. It was a good day, for sure.

  Sunday, after prepping food, it was off to a friend's house for a celebration bbq with my hubby's bowling team (their sponsor is CDC Entertainment), who is Cataract Bowling's Sunday morning league's champs. Congrats to the guys, and it was a nice day for relaxing in the sun outside! After, a little "boatnerding" (it's how I relax), just because.

  Basically, it's how the weekend went...... and it was a little of everything. Completely enjoyed myself!

  Now to get ready to take care of photos, and prepare for my 2 shows on Surgery Records Radio... The Country Corner with Phoenix at 2 PM EST and The Indie Rock (& Metal!) Show at 8 PM EST every Wednesday. Doing to shows gives me the opportunity to showcase much more independent music, and it has been a lot of fun so far!

  Hope you all have an amazing week, and I will catch ya on the airwaves!

13 May 2019

  Hi... and fyi, the weather still hasn't improved. I have seen snow in June (yes, I have... just trust me on this), but I would really like this weather to get a little warmer. Not o-m-g-this-is-killing-me hot (but we know it's coming), just it's-nice-I-don't-need-a-sweater warm. It would be nice... it IS May...

  Besides the usual personal stuff needing doing, I took a road trip on Friday for the Howzat/ Eklectik/Social Strife show at Norma Jeans in London, ON... and on Saturday, a little afternoon blues with Steve Grisbrook's Blues, ETC., as his special guest was Mick Hayes (whom is a pleasure to watch & hear live). That night, I was at the Fat Moth show, wsg Road Waves & The Boo Bradley Project. Unfortunately, due to something I ate, I had to leave early (something did not sit well), and missed the main attractions of the evening. HATE when that happens (I know I missed a hell of a lot), but unfortunately, it was that or spend more time miserable in front of people, so I just went home. Something going around, too, and I have avoided it (so far *knock wood*). I can't avoid allergy issues all the time... not possible.

  Yesterday was Mother's Day, and I hope all moms out there had a great day! I was still recovering from the day before. Other than the tummy issues, it was a great weekend!

  I am going to get myself in gear, so I will catch you on Wednesday (2 PM EST/ 7PM GMT for The Country Corner with Phoenix & 8 PM EST/ 1 AM GMT for The Indie Rock Round) for my shows on Surgery Records Radio. Have an amazing week!

27 May 2019

  Been an interesting month. Still trying to wrap my brain around a few dozen different things, but someone keeps trying to add to the crowd in there... and the weather has still been quite wet and a little cool. Not going to get me to ignore the Claritin, because my allergies have kicked it up a notch.

  Started my weekend off on Thursday, with a trip to see Sarah Smith at Sessions on the River for the RiseUP tour, and as usual...... she never disappoints! It was good to see her, it's been a while. I had a little chat with owner Chris Curry about the renovations recently done (it's even cooler there now!), and saw a couple new-to-me bands as well... Maple Run (which will be added to the playlist soon) and Innersha. Both excellent bands.. (I am afraid I don't remember... and didn't write it down... the 2 solo acts prior... yEah, maybe slippin' a little...). More changes coming to Sessions... and if you never been, you should check it out (their Facebook page has a link to the website).

  Friday I was going to ride with G, but did not, as something told me to rest up, my weekend was going to get interesting. When I am ready to talk about it, I will, just not now, and no, it isn't something bad, so shh! No good drama here, LOL! Just had to change a few plans, but we all know life loves its curve balls, now don't we? Gotta sometimes go with the flow... moving a little slower, but it's ok.

  Friday night, instead of leaving Niagara, we popped over to the Old Winery for The Old Winos and their special guests, Shane & Stacey Lee Guse. Always a pleasure to see family, and it was an amazing night of killer tunes. You have heard me talk about them before, and their band, Western Swing Authority. They recently released a new CD "Big Deal", and I highly recommend the disk!  It was also a pleasure to see Steve Goldberger, Mike Glatt, and Dave Norris again, it always is.

  Saturday it was up early (before 8 am), and get ready to go to Touch A Truck in Ancaster... then make the trek to Woodstock for their annual truck show...  it poured buckets in the morning, and most of the way to the first stop, but finally the clouds buggered off for a while, enough to walk the grounds and not get soaked. Joseph Haulage was there, and we ran into some friends & drivers we know. Then it was off to Woodstock for their show, where we visited with a friend of G's and ran into some drivers he knows. I just kept clicking. I think I got all the trucks... haven't totally gone through the pics yet. I may have missed a couple, but... oh well. I did see someone I haven't seen in a while, Bruce Outridge of The Lead Pedal Podcast, and he talked me into doing an improptu interview for him. He said "we could do this on the phone, but I have you here now", and I stepped out from behind my Nikon for the opportunity. We mostly talked about my shows I do on Surgery Records Radio and the indie music I always play. Surrounded by country music, I admitted to being a metal head, but it's all good. Any chance I get to talk indie, I usually take it, because without them, there would be no Phoenix. Then my night changed, as my phone went off, so home bound it was.

  It has been an interesting weekend, but I would expect nothing less of life. I am back on the Surgery Records Radio airwaves this Wednesday (2 PM and *pm EST) after my week of hiatus, so I will catch ya on the airwaves...  :)


20 May 2019

  Today is the end of the Victoria Day weekend, and everything is back to work tomorrow. Well, whatever most call normal, for the most part. The rain we been getting has been off & on, but according to the weatherman, things are looking to dry up soon (which is good, two truck related things happening coming up on Saturday). Just a normal day here for me, with hubby home, so hoping to get a few things around here done.

  Stopped by the G3 Design Photo & Video studio on Saturday, to check out their brand new digs. It's an awesome spot for your portrait needs.. and photographers can call Mike Farkas for space rental. Congradulations, Mike... you and your team is tops! It's right next door to the Warehouse....

  Speaking of ... last night, I was at the Warehouse for Midwife Crisis, Paige Kopp, & Another Crush. Put on by Black Tie Artist Management, it was an great show, with me getting introduced to a couple new bands... and we will be adding to the playlist soon with Another Crush. Hung out with Pat Porter of Giant FM (91.7) & The infamous Jay Moore all night, saw Kendra Dyer of BS Live, and saw some good friends as well. Over all, the bands did a great job, and I had fun!

  On Friday, I was going to a few places but ran out of energy. Did not rest up like I should the past week, I guess. However, I did go over to Puddys (yeah, the place with the yellow wall...) and saw The Legendary Borderline Band. Aimie Page ( her solo stuff is great. We are playing her music on The Country Corner with Phoenix every Wednesday at 2 PM EST/ 7 PM GMT) was singing, and we had a nice talk at break. She has something brewing on the horizon, and after I was talking to her bass player Steve, we will be waiting on what's happening to them very soon and be catching you up. It was nice to see them, and we will be keeping you in touch!

  This week, no shows for me as I start my VERY busy weekend on Wednesday with a trek to The Rockpile and many other places. So, we shall return next week, and hope all is enjoying their day!

  I am going to update a few other things and get on with my day. Hope you had a safe and amazing weekend! Please tune into Surgery Records Radio, and we will see you soon!