May 11 2018

  Been busy, so I am going to catch you up on what I can.... I won't be stopping any time soon, it seems, and this is a good thing for sure! I still have a lot of photos to catch up on...  which will get done within the week (I hope... if I don't get side-tracked. That's the beauty and curse of shooting for yourself.).

 I am looking forward to my show on RBX Radio this next Wednesday. Mike JB Sky joins me, and I have been wanting to do this since we first met in the fall of last year.

  Let's see... what else I been doing since I last talked to you? Read on...

  On May 4th, it was off to Sessions on the River and reconnecting with Sarah Smith & the band and had an amazing time! Sarah is a fantastic singer-songwriter and a must see live. If you haven't, catch her show. Acoustic or full band, she delivers! It was also great to see Chris Curry. Check out the Sessions website for details on shows past, present & upcoming!

  On May 5th, found me in Toronto at Cherry Colas for the King Beez and Snake River Redemption, joined by a couple new-to-me bands (Sista Fista & Cadillac Blood). I am afraid to admit it, but first time at that venue, and I did not know where to look first! It was a very comfortable setting for me. Not a huge place, but a very welcoming vibe. Check a show out there some time...

  May 6th found me in The Falls at The Maple Leaf Tavern for The Waist band's open mic, with special guest, Lyric Dubee. I remember the first time I saw him play... at least 5 or so years ago (at another open mic), and he was 13 at the time, with a CD already under his belt. He keeps me in awe every time I get the chance to see him play. (Keep rockin', kiddo!)

  Last night, May 10th, found me at Detour Music Hall for Leigh Macinnis and the kick-off to his tour: "The Fine art of Falling Down Drunk". Check out tour dates through the Beats Me Entertainment page on Facebook for more information. I want to thank Rob Graham for inviting me to this show, and allowing me to snap pics & talk with Leigh. (BTW, some news soon on that front, soon as I get it). I wish them continued success on the tour!

  Tonight, May 11th, Road Waves has their album release for "Red Sun Rising" at Warehouse (with guests Palooka & Ol' Child). It will be an amazing show.....

  Tomorrow (May 12th), is a fundraiser, a celebration of life, A single release for Uforia at The Horseshoe, (and many awesome shows... one being Eklectik at Taps to celebrate their drummer's 19th birthday! It will be a day of highs & lows for many... but banding together with friends is where it's at for sure.

  On Sunday, May 13th, finds Michale Graves (ex-Misfits) at Warehouse, thanks to the people at Up Yours Productions & Indoor shoes. Support: Argyle Goolsby & the Roving Midnight, The Electric Dead & Nim Vind. This will be fantastic, for sure!

  Many gigs this weekend... Varga, Battered Egos, Fantastic Basterds...... and the list goes on & on.... get to a show! No excuses. Lots to do!

  Besides the usual housework things, and the show, just keepin' on seems to be my thing to do. I do try to stay out of things that are going to make me lose focus, but we all know that some times it creeps into your personal space. We all have our lives to live, and we know life is short, so live it to the fullest, even if your find yourself out of your "comfort zone". Stay positive: That's the key... even if there isn't much to be positive about. It just might surprise you & work itself out.

  I will see you on the RBX airwaves on Wednesday (8 PM Eastern), and check out Bobby B. & Christie Hails every Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern...

May 18th 2018

   It has been serious crazy with the amazing things happening for independent music! Many things happening here with this being the long "May 2-4" (Victoria Day) weekend!

  On Wednesday's show (May 16th) in Da nest, I had the honour of having Mike JB Sky here, and we had a blast! I got to know him a little better, and he not only brought me a tshirt (I will wear proudly), he also made sure I had a copy of his EP "Girl's Night Out" (& signed it!). (Thank you much, Mike!!!) He has a Rockpile show coming up in June, so more details on that later. (I can't freakin wait!) Be sure to check out his website for future news! OH, and if you haven't heard the recent single, "Lonewolf", you need to! It's seriously rockin'! (Find it on You Tube!)

 Last night (May 17th) found me at Big Texas Niagara (try the wings next time you are there) for The Tragically Hits for CDC Entertainment (Mike Richards). Danny Lamb & The Associates and Eklectik were the support this show, and hung out with Christie ( and Bobby B. (RBX Radio) as well. A good night was had by all, and the music was nothing short of fantastic!

  Tonight, I see Prismind at The Geekery in Niagara Falls, because... well... I love these guys (but that isn't a secret now, is it?). Bonus on the bill is Battered Egos, Last Rites (2 awesome local bands I love, too!) and new-to-me band, Lycanthro. Gillian always has some sort of cool happening there at The Geekery, so if you can, check her shows out! I am seriously looking forward to tonight!

  Insane, eh? Lotsa cool goin' down!

  NEXT weekend is also crazy with Stereo Sunrise releasing their newest EP (and 4th!!) next Friday (25th of May) at Warehouse and on Sunday (the 27th of May), Ashlee Standish finally releases her long awaited EP, too, at Warehouse. This venue is really a great venue and a good place for independent music of all genres! I have been to quite a few shows there, and never fail to have a good time! The staff is aces!!!

  Running out of time here, and hope to catch you up on more soon....... so until then, have a great weekend, and I will catch you on the RBX Radio airwaves on Wednesday. We will talk more then......

  Be safe!



25 May 2018

  It's Friday again.... and looking forward to a great weekend. The Canadian long weekend put me behind on a few things, and this weekend, is the American long weekend...... so much to do! One great thing is my bbq is up and ready for slabs of whatever I am in the mood for. This year, might have to see about learning how to smoke things. Looking into non-commercial charcoal, too... (always busy!)

  But first, tonight, I am going to be at Stereo Sunrise's EP release (their 4th), although I really did have other plans..... however, this is important. These guys are amazing musicians, and fabulous guys, so tonight, a trip to Warehouse is in order. On the bill tonight is Barbarosa & The Bandicoots as well, and show brought to you by Indoor Shoes.

  Tonight, at This Ain't Hollywood is Prismind (with The Slyde (who just released a disk) and El Pacino.), and I know I was at the Geekery last week, but when I can, I really like seeing them.. just a shout out to them for tonight. (I have to miss this one..).

   (There is better lighting there (at This Ain't Hollywood), but I did ok last Friday, though I was a little frustrated. It passes... one puts on the big girl clothes, and forges forward.)

  I might have to rethink a few things for tomorrow (the 26th of May), in order to catch up on a shit-ton of photos & website things... all I know is my camera is a freakin' trooper! Nikon, ya did well with the 750... send me an 850... I will put it through some tests for ya... (I have lenses (mostly Tamrons)... unless either of you are feeling generous ... maybe the f2.8 24-70 or f2.8 70-200...?! Heck, Nikon, your f3.5 28-300 looks really awesome too!) I am always searching for perfection for indie music.... why not photos for them? SOMEONE needs to support them in ways that don't cost them... they have enough hands in their pockets! Nikon & Tamron help me do my thing!

  As usual, I am looking forward to my show this coming Wednesday (8PM Eastern on RBX Radio), and looking to hopefully add to the playlist again. Just need to find some time....

  Oh, and don't forget Bobby B. Tuesdays on RBX at 7 PM Eastern... he plays some great Canadian indie!

  I am outta here, so everyone have an amazing & safe weekend!



May 4th... 2018.

   Don't make me say it.. ok, lol...  ;) This day last year, I was at Hamilton band Prismind's CD release for "Disciples By Design". That was one hell of a party, and if you don't have the CD, hit 'em up on Facebook for info on how to get that disk. (It's on regular rotation here, on both my show, & personally. What's THAT tell ya...?

  I am going to make this quick. Lots happening out there so go see some live entertainment. I will catch you up Monday if I can, but for now, my pillow beckons.

  Check out this link on Facebook to see what there is to do all across Canada!

    I will hopefully talk to you again before the show, but just in case: catch me on the RBX Radio airwaves.... 8 PM Est/ 1 AM GMT.......... and Bobby B. and Christie Hails on Tuesday nights ....... 7 PM Est/ Midnight GMT......... for the best indie Canada has to offer! Have a great weekend!