11 March 2019

  St. Paddy's Day weekend fast approaching, and not drinking anymore, I literally don't care, personally. I usually find a way to avoid bars & such during the festivities that can last from 3 to 8 days, lol... I might do what I have past few years and find some where else to be.. Niagara has a lot of "celebrations" every year... and this is also March break.

  Yeah... so I dunno. Did myself in this past weekend... with the start of The Country Corner (my second show on Surgery Records Radio), and blues thing starting with friends (who had a special guest I saw in June of last year), a downtown Toronto jaunt (these don't happen often...), and then wearing a new hat on Saturday with Eklectik having their first gig after being signed to the label (I was "a Label rep"... hahahaha... not just a dj, kind of felt cool...), I totally was as one with the easy chair yesterday, so I vegged out completely, because I know I have a busy week coming up.

  There are some things I didn't do, that I would have liked to, but I am but one person... and some have a CD release or 2 coming up with their original bands, so I ain't going to worry about seeing a tribute...

  I have so much more going on, we just have to talk when we can.... until then, have a kick ass week, and see ya on the airwaves!

4 March 2019

   It is 3:33 am, and I am going to need sleep soon... just a couple things for ya: One, it is still colder than a penguin's tush here... two, we aren't done with the snow... and three, I started a new website for gigs. I will elaborate sooner than later, and I also start a second show this week on SRR (Surgery Records Radio).....  yeah, a little busy.... will talk to you soon...

18 March 2019

  Well, THAT is all over with! Let's face it... unless you drink (which, I don't anymore) and you are Irish or related to someone who is, St. Paddys does nothing for most. Excuse to drink is all it ever was for me, but I am not one of the Emerald Isles' daughters or married to one of their sons (even though, I think G has a leeeeeeeetle in him... don't quote me on that).

  I hope all survived the festivities, and had a great time... spent time away on Saturday, myself. Something that might become a yearly thing, even though I missed a few years.

  Taking on the second website has been fun, and working on the "easy-to-use" factor. I don't do much on Mondays anyhoo, so prepping is key. We only go from Thursday to Monday, every weekend, because MOST people concentrate on those days. Oh, and I am trying to get my open mic/open jams/karaoke listings more informative. There is always SOMEthing like that happening.

  I have a million and one things to accomplish, so I will talk to you all later...... have a good one!