11 March 2019

  St. Paddy's Day weekend fast approaching, and not drinking anymore, I literally don't care, personally. I usually find a way to avoid bars & such during the festivities that can last from 3 to 8 days, lol... I might do what I have past few years and find some where else to be.. Niagara has a lot of "celebrations" every year... and this is also March break.

  Yeah... so I dunno. Did myself in this past weekend... with the start of The Country Corner (my second show on Surgery Records Radio), and blues thing starting with friends (who had a special guest I saw in June of last year), a downtown Toronto jaunt (these don't happen often...), and then wearing a new hat on Saturday with Eklectik having their first gig after being signed to the label (I was "a Label rep"... hahahaha... not just a dj, kind of felt cool...), I totally was as one with the easy chair yesterday, so I vegged out completely, because I know I have a busy week coming up.

  There are some things I didn't do, that I would have liked to, but I am but one person... and some have a CD release or 2 coming up with their original bands, so I ain't going to worry about seeing a tribute...

  I have so much more going on, we just have to talk when we can.... until then, have a kick ass week, and see ya on the airwaves!

4 March 2019

   It is 3:33 am, and I am going to need sleep soon... just a couple things for ya: One, it is still colder than a penguin's tush here... two, we aren't done with the snow... and three, I started a new website for gigs. I will elaborate sooner than later, and I also start a second show this week on SRR (Surgery Records Radio).....  yeah, a little busy.... will talk to you soon...

18 March 2019

  Well, THAT is all over with! Let's face it... unless you drink (which, I don't anymore) and you are Irish or related to someone who is, St. Paddys does nothing for most. Excuse to drink is all it ever was for me, but I am not one of the Emerald Isles' daughters or married to one of their sons (even though, I think G has a leeeeeeeetle in him... don't quote me on that).

  I hope all survived the festivities, and had a great time... spent time away on Saturday, myself. Something that might become a yearly thing, even though I missed a few years.

  Taking on the second website has been fun, and working on the "easy-to-use" factor. I don't do much on Mondays anyhoo, so prepping is key. We only go from Thursday to Monday, every weekend, because MOST people concentrate on those days. Oh, and I am trying to get my open mic/open jams/karaoke listings more informative. There is always SOMEthing like that happening.

  I have a million and one things to accomplish, so I will talk to you all later...... have a good one!

25 March 2019

  Didn't have a lot to say this month, did I? Probably because I stayed busy, but at least, once a week, I let you all know I'm still alive.  Good or bad, I am still here... LMAO... and rent a sense of humor, dammit. I can hear y'all getting freakin' offended from here...

  I been feeling under the weather... all fucking month... as has a lot of people I know. The changes in the seasons, running hot & cold, a flu bug still hanging around since December (for a lot of people I know), stomach issues....  are all reasons MY wagon has been draggin. I am, however, nicotine free for the first time in a gazillion years... or what seems that long to me. It has not been easy... but it has been done. I don't have any tips for you, sorry... but I will tell you being ready is a main factor. You must be ready for yourself....

  I did manage to get something started: A website for gigs. I called it The Gig Connection, and every Monday (or Tuesday) I update with what is going on for the weekend (Thursday through Monday if a long weekend) coming up. Labour of love... but GoDaddy is working with me. I recommend them highly. I am still doing things to it.... it is only a month old.

  Hell, I still have not found time for some of the other dozen things I have on the go. Keeping THIS updated is a priority... as well as shit going on with the Facebook page, and now, every Monday, The Gig Connection needs to be done. I have basically decided to do what I find important and go from there. Don't like it... *raspberry*

  Not working as closely with some that I used to... why is not up for discussion and none of anyone's business. Things change, people change, life changes. I do know what I need to do for my stuff, and am no longer dropping my shit for anyone else. Makes me a little happier in the long run. I said a little... I still support those I don't work with much anymore, give a damn about them succeeding, just not at my  priorities & business' expense. This is why I made some changes, people will notice eventually... and don't think it isn't because of recent actions... because it is. THIS doesn't need elaboration, just putting it out there. They know who they are.

  Business is business. Right now my business is Surgery Records Radio, Dr Johns Surgery Records and Phoenix Camerah. Those that get it, I will remain close to... but I have drifted away from others. Is okay... they will be fine on their own path. In this day & age, you need your own path, and we all have one.

  I need to get ready for in studio... got a few coming up in the next month... can't wait.. so see ya on the airwaves.