17 June 2019

   Even though the weather is still on the cool side, summer is fast approaching, and I am ready for a few very hot days. Why? Everything needs to dry out, because getting in the gardens or cutting the grass is a bit of a crap shoot! Good thing there is always something for live music always going on, and the festivals are officially in full swing, or I'd go nuts!

  Not saying I can really go anywhere much, till I drop kick this cold, but if you LOVE live music, it's all around! I have been a little under the weather, so being out like I want to isn't happening... I share a lot, just try not to share my colds. Nobody wants those.

  I have also finally got around to SOME "spring cleaning", but haven't made a real big dent. At least the closet has been gone through, and some storage I needed to organize better, but we all know it's one of those never-ending jobs.

  This week, on Surgery Records Radio, I have also been trying to get you some new tunes for your ears, and with the amount of talent all about, I am doing my best to keep up. I am also trying to do my best to throw the attention on the music and artists, because it's about them, not me. Indie bands have to be heard, and I am just a vehicle to help in that aspect.

  Changes all about..... so I hope you all handle yours well. See ya on the airwaves!

16 June 2019

  Just a quick note to wish you all out there a very Happy Father's Day...

  If it wasn't for 2 very influential men in my life, I wouldn't be who I am today. One inspired me to take no shit, and the other taught me my patience. They both taught me to never stray from who I am, even if people out there don't like it.

  Even though they aren't with us any more, a day doesn't go by that I don't think of them... even more so when things get rough and I feel like giving up. Their guidance is always there... and I miss them dearly!

  Much love to all the dad's out there! Have a great day!

3 June 2019.

   June. Already. You can't tell from the temperature (it was only 5C this morning!), but it is June already. I know, in a few weeks, we will be complaining how hot it is, and sweltering our rumps off, but still. Not only that, with so much rain, Lake Ontario it really high causing problems, and it has been a pain for a lot of people. Oh well... we must remember every few thousand years, Mother Earth goes through changes, and this sort of stuff is never off the list of things she is capable of... none-the less, we deal, right?

   Busy weekend, still trying to figure out a few things, going to some shows, taking care of business... the usual. I'm a little later doing the blog than I care to be doing it, but had to take care of pics for a few things, before I get into one last batch. Stayed in Friday (and I will probably be doing so this coming Friday, too, as I am up at wtf o'clock on the Saturday), to rest up a bit for a few cool things I had going on.

   On Saturday, I was in attendance with Pat Porter & Jay Moore for Blues With a Feeling held at The Leander Boat Club in Hamilton. Performers for the evening were Danny Marks, Steve Strongman, & Jack de Keyzer. All excellent sets, and a great night for the blues, despite the mini flooding all over. Sold out show, and everyone got to see one hell of a show! (These are the photos I haven't gotten to yet... but they will be done by this week). Again, want to thank Pat of Giant fm (91.7) for inviting me along for the ride... always a blast. May have spent some money on some new tunes for the playlist.. hahaha.... but, I always enjoy myself. That was just part one...

   A pit stop at The End Zone on the way home, mixing business & pleasure, to see friends with All The Things, after. Always great to see those guys when I can, and although I wasn't going to bring the camera in, I had to get it from the truck. Felt a little out of place, and not knowing what to do without it. What can I say...? It's how I relax... :S

   On Sunday, it was off to Niagara Falls to attend the Season 3 finale taping of the BS Live tv show on Cogeco cable at Taps Brewhouse. Besides Shane & Kendra (& Ron!), there was the return of Bobby Rock (YAY!!!), and many guests: Rafik of Livestock, Ryan of Lunn Media (and eventually, got to see Jill), Eric the owner of Taps, and musical guests, The Country Junkies, for one. Over all, a great afternoon. Couldn't stay to the end, though (it was from 1 to 8 PM), but stayed as long as I could, because of things needing tending to at the house. I caught a little of UR Girlfriend (yes, that's a band), but have to catch Sunset Strip another time (sorry, fellas!). I didn't even stop on the way home at the canal, but I still managed a few photos of ships on the fly.

   A week from Wednesday, I have to prepare for a special guest, in studio, and have made plans for many others. Been working on ramping up a few dozen things for my show on Surgery Records Radio, as well as planning for an exciting summer.

   I will catch you on the airwaves, and have a fantastic week!

11 June 2019

  A day late this week, after an insane weekend. Still recovering for catching something, out in the heat. We knew these days were coming, didn't we? Oh well...

  Saturday was the Trucking for Kids truck show in Ilderton, and I was on hand to snap a lot of pics. I want to thank JR for inviting me, it was a lot of fun, even if I got fried. I will go into more detail soon, just updating now quick, because I am 'way too behind for words.

  Sunday was the Joseph ride for City Kids, and I was on hand to do some snapping there as well. Details, again, at a later date, just want to give Pat, Geoff, Tony, and Greg a shout out. (I still am working on pics for that...).

  I am going to cut this one short, as I may need a rest after updating some other things. Catch you soon on the Surgery Records Radio airwaves!

24 June 2019

  Last full week of June, and we are finally getting warm temps here. I am finally over a cold that came on at a bad time, and feeling much better, which is good. Next month is crazy nuts, and looking forward to a lot going on.

  Before I get much further, I must thank Beyond The Cage for the invitation to their rehearsal, spending some good times and listening to some great tunes. I got there just as they were doing a fave tune, and then spent a couple hours with G, feeling like I was part of the band, for a little bit. That's how they made me feel... truly. I missed these guys terribly, and news is on the horizon, you just have to be patient....

  I missed out on Heaven's Fire Friday, and a few things on Saturday (but I still had stuff to do, so being home wasn't in the cards... damned errands!), but the few days I didn't go any wheres, gave me that extra buffer to completely heal up. I usually push it, the minute I feel better, but have learned to take a couple extra days, rather than feel like 40 miles of bad backroad after I thinking "I'm ok", and go out. I pay for it, if I don't listen, the following week. Hopefully, my summer cold is history (I'm feeling SO much better!)... and I can concentrate on upcoming events.

  Speaking of some upcoming things happening: Orangeville truck show, The Great Canadian truck show (Joseph Haulage is a sponsor), Puck-A-Doodle-Doo, and both Sarasin (on the 5th) and Method 2 Madness (on the 6th) at The Rockpile, just to highlight a few for you. Good music & big trucks... can't see a better way to spend my birthday month.

  Then, next week, we have the Canada Day festivities and the 4th of July, only a few days apart, so it will be a busy freakin' week for me. I will have to carry the perfume of the year (Off!) because the mosquitoes are outrageous this year, but better safe than sorry. They are actually snacking on the hubby, and normally they don't, so that is how bad it is.

  Looking forward to playing host to a guest on the show this week on Surgery Records Radio, as Janice joins me.... more news later on that. Other than that, it's the same old same old, and we all plug along in this life. Got a little more organizing to do, but last week's redo of a few things on my music externals has me better prepped. It also gave me a few ideas.... and I am going to pursue that soon. Just have to work out details......

  Have a great week, and see ya out & about soon.