8 June 2018

  WELL... now that the Ontario provincial election is over, let's see what the party, that is now in charge, does. Things did not go the way some wanted, and a whole lotta wtfs out there... so.... until more happens, I am just going to leave it at that. My personal opinion will stay just that: personal.

  I will say, however, congrats to Jennie Stevens (NDP candidate)  ... as new MPP in St. Catharines... go get 'em, girl!  \m/  Very proud!


  Ok, on to the music... (a few gigs to mention) ... On Friday (June 8th), local band out of Niagara Falls, Battered Egos, road trips to do their thing tonight with Carbon and CounterWait at Riff's Music Lounge in Woodstock, ON. (Be safe and have a great gig, all! Happy rockin'!).

   On Saturday, June 9th, is Eklectik, Howzat & After The Lounge invade Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls. Promising to be an amazing show.

  You can check out all these cool shows coming up on Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada, and support your local music scene!

  I, also, have a special show coming up with Mike JB Sky on June 14th at the Rockpile, too... really busy! Love it!

  Until next week......... see you on the RBX Radio airwaves (every Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern), and don't forget All Indie with Bobby B. (with Christie Hails) every Tuesday on RBX, too, at 7 PM Eastern!


22 June 2018

  Hitting a few snags this morning but "things going smoothly" is something I'm not used to these days...

  I actually quit smoking.

  Got to talking to a friend last Saturday, and the next day, I had made up my mind. I did not tell anyone, bitch about it and whatever else comes with getting rid of a bad habit... I just did it.

  Now my only habit is the music. Not a bad thing, right? This time, I am putting a few bucks away at the same time, I think... see what happens. I have hit non-support before, but this time I will not allow that feeling people have given me, being guilty. This is about NO ONE else... just me.

  The vape is helping and I already feel better... now to not allow those "extra pounds" to creep into my life... I have cool clothes I would like to wear again.


  ANYways, lately I have had a few issues with the broadcaster program, that seems to have (and always had) a mind of its own. After the amount of money I have spent, you'd think it'd run smoothly. HA! We can wish...  but I am going to be changing a few things up again. It's time. Just like the other changes I have made, I am going to keep pressing forward.

  I might take a couple weeks off in July, or at least 1... the week of my birthday (July 10th)... just to do what I want for a change. People tell me I never take the time, and this is usually the same damned people who have their own agenda for me... so some surprises might be around the corner........ for them. Hey.. gotta do whatcha gotta do. I also have a few things I am working on, so need some brain time to figure that out... and never mind what it is, for now... in due time...


   Until then, see ya on the RBX Radio airwaves every Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern... and catch Bobby B. every Tuesday at 7 PM ... and also check out indie-rocks.ca

 Get out and support your local music scene... they work hard to help entertain you!

June 1st... 2018

  Half way into the year is starting... hope all is enjoying it so far. Not much to say this week, maybe by Monday I will when I have gotten even more done. Just enjoy your weekend!

14 June 2018

   JUST a quickie update... looking forward to rocking with Mike JB Sky tonight, and getting to see him triumphantly rule the Rockpile stage! It is a "girl's night out" for damned sure with side kick & partner in crime Kimmie road trippin with me.......

  Then, on Saturday (June 16th) another trip needs to be made... and the evening will be rockin' later with Punishment throwing an awesome party at The Corktown joined by Gene Pool, CounterWait & Thy Kingdom Slum...

  My plans for the morning of the 16th changed after crappy news on Monday... but if you can, PLEASE support the motorcycle show & shine put on by Glen of Scare Cancer.... it happens in the morning at The Corktown Pub... called "Got Sarah's Back". Let's help her fight this ugliness that she has been going through!

  I am going to get going... see you tomorrow, if all goes as planned, and keep rocking to the fullest!

15 June 2018

   Late night last night... Many things to catch up on... and looking forward to a few things this weekend. Not even going to tell you about the knee... haha... it hates me, though! Today is going to be catching up on laundry (the true "never ending story"), resting a bit for a very busy Saturday, and maybe try (I said "try"...) to get some photos done.

  Went to the Rockpile last night for Mike JB Sky and completely enjoyed his set... and out of the openers, the one I liked best was 23:57... so much, in fact, I grabbed their EP for the playlist. It was an early evening (earlier for me than usual), and the evening had me awake for a few hours after I got home. That's what a rock show does to me... so full of the energy, that I have a tough time falling asleep after... but there are worse things, eh?

  You need to check Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada, with an amazing bunch of shows to find this weekend, and if there is one that grabs your interest, get out off the couch (like my friend Christie says), and get to a show!

  Live music is fantastic for the soul.... and we have amazing talents all around us... support them when you can! You won't be sorry.

  I am going to get a few things done and see you Wednesday on RBX Radio.... and every Wednesday at 8 PM Est/ 1 AM GMT... and don't forget All Indie with Bobby B. & Christie Hails every Tuesday starting at 7 PM Est!

  Until next time... keep rockin'!!!

29 June 2018:



       (This does not mean I won't be busy... far from it... but when I return to my show on RBX, will have things better organized for you, the listener! Please... listen to rbxradio.com for your listening pleasure, and join the many other DJs we have and their shows!)


  Just letting you know... been needing to work here in Da Nest on some things we will talk about soon! For those wondering, still no smoking, too... going through some changes (like heartburn ffs) and doing things to switch up what I used to do, to what I have to do. I have done a lot of laundry... hahahaha.....

  Came up with some ideas I think my closest friends have even questioned me on... but they all already know I can be focused and flighty at the same time. AND without giving too much away... I know damned well it can be done... now we work on particulars. It always comes down to particulars, doesn't it?

  So beside the show stuff, many gigs coming up, and these ideas I want to hammer out of my brain, a full vacation (like beaches and such) isn't happening.... but it's ok.

  You need to check Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada on Facebook, indie-rocks.ca, & bsliverocks.com for other things like shows, happenings and what-not...

  Enjoy your Canada Day & 4th of July... I will enjoy my birthday vacation, and will see you on the 18th......