15 July 2019

  As I heard on the morning news... we are half way through the summer... It hasn't been hot much, like past summers, but we have some really warm days, and there are a few more coming. Just got through with another truck show this past weekend, and yes, I have a ton of photos waiting on me...  nothing unusual...

  The truck show I mention was the 519 Loud 'N' Proud held on the Orangeville, and I was there at 9:30 am to put the Nikon to work. Bonus was Revive the Rose played, however, thanks to Mother Nature, everything was a few hours behind. They still did the pulls, but as that was happening, the band was playing and... well, I freakin missed it. I also got drenched, and by the time I got home, I was in the easy chair and unwilling to move.

  One of the highlights was seeing Bruce from The Lead Pedal Podcast, we did the interview he wanted (the Woodstock one had audio issues), so I will be letting you know when that happens. Second highlight was Jo of Trucking for A Cure where we talked about the upcoming event in September. The day was insane... but I wouldn't have it any other way.

  This weekend coming up at the Rockpile is Sven Gali with Phear, Gene Pool, & Eklectik. Going to be a party, of course... 4 great bands in one night! Be nice to run my butt off inside for a change! No sunscreen or mosquito repellent needed!

  Last week was a little insane, between 4 gigs in a row, and beginning of the week getting the air conditioning fixed, but made it through ok.  I return to the Surgery Records Radio airwaves on Wednesday, after taking my birthday off, so join me then! Have an amazing week!

July 1st 2019

  Into July now... busy time for me and others as today is Canada Day, and the 4th is 4th of July in the states.  Serious rockin' shows coming up as well, which will see me off to who knows where catching great music of all kinds.

  This is just a quick note, and will elaborate further tomorrow, when I don't have a ton of things I need to do.

  So, enjoy the holiday week, and catch ya soon!

7 July 2019

  How's everyone doing? I'm good, with the exception of the heat we've had, but That is getting rectified today.. Much thanks to the guys over at Mr. Furnace for promptly taking care of it. Cooped myself in the office ("Da Nest") to stay out of their way, but it's also the coolest place in the house..

  I have had one hell of an insane 4 days, starting with popping to the Falls for Eklectik making their debut on the Coca-Cola stage thanks to Niagara Parks. What a show and great fireworks to boot. Nice way to spend a 4th of July, dontcha think? After all was done, trek back to the house and prep for 2 nights at The Rockpile...

  On the 5th of July (Friday) it was Rockpile bound for Sarasin & guests. As usual, it was nice to see people I don't see a lot of, and even got to hear some new-to-me tunes. Gotta love when that happens!

  Next up, on July 6th, back to the Rockpile for Method 2 Madness' first show. They blew me away! See them if you can....... you'll thank me! With Aron Cross & Ted Axe on the bill, it was a perfect night to rock away! Everyone had simply amazing sets........ and I enjoyed myself immensely!

  Then Sunday, July 7th, it was Welland Floatfest (Hung out with the Giant FM fellers) and I didn't get there till Rock Of 80s (due to some personal business I had to take care of), but saw Figure Four, The Country Junkies, Sunset Strip, & got to catch part of Keep The Faith. Now, if you haven't seen any of these guys, you don't know what you are missing.....

  It has been non-stop for me, and I am taking the week off from my shows. This week I get a to see another year older, so I just want to flake out. I will return next week, and have been making some plans as I go, so stay tuned. Surgery Records Radio is a whole lotta awesome! I am going to do more work here, and will catch ya soon! Till then, keep rockin'!

29 July 2019

  Last Monday of the month... and what a month it has been! I kept myself busy all while trying to get better, and it hasn't been easy. Over the next few weeks, we are going to see if I can get back to my old self. Haven't been "feeling" it lately. That's what happens when you don't listen to the body...

  Been a rough couple months and I have had to miss more than I care to. Between shows, truck shows, house stuff, and life in general, I have found myself more stressed than usual. Add to that the fact that I do worry about people I care about, and you have a recipe for getting run down quick. I really hate when that happens... but you do what you can and just plug on. Nothing has been the same around here since the end of May, and that is okey dokey. Adjusting to everything still, and all the details aren't needed, just know I'm working on it.

  Missed out completely on Punk A Doodle Do, but it couldn't be avoided. The people who matter know why, and that is all that counts. I really tried to do both the Great Canadian Truck show and the show at Taps Brewhouse, but things changed on me Thursday night, and well... the truck show came first as I committed 'way earlier to it.. so whatcha gonna do...

   I do want to thank Kevin and the crew at the truck show for taking good care of me. I still have photos to do, but soon. Just trying to get on an even brain wave to get them done. It was nice to see Jo from Trucking For a Cure and Bruce with The Lead Pedal Podcast. I also got to hang out with my little buddy Milo (and Mike), and see some of the guys from Joseph Haulage. I got to "be me" and felt really relaxed, but when I got home, that was all she wrote. Then Sunday, a celebration for life for a friend, pretty much took the wind out of any sail I had left. All in all an okay weekend, considering, but it was draining.

  Back to the grind and shows this week, then looking towards the next weekend, which proves to be good with Canal Days in Port Colborne. I will see you later on the Surgery Records Radio airwaves!


22 July 2019

  Finally got a break in the heat. Much needed rain & storms passed through... hopefully it'll be normal for the next few days.

  This past Saturday was one of those shows I just couldn't pass up at The Rockpile. Eklectik, phear, Gene Pool, and Sven Gali. Talk about your solid nights of rock! Each band had fantastic sets, and I had a blast. The fact that all 4 bands were on my playlist, made the night even better. Didn't get too carried away with pics, but took enough to properly record the night. I want to thank everyone for a great evening....

  Getting ready for a truck show at Flamborough, as well as Punk-a-Doodle-Do at Taps in The Falls. It'll be a full weekend again, but I plan for those. Rest when I can, do what I do, and rock. I just have to remember to charge batteries on what little down time I have.

  There is always something cool happening, like next weekend (first of August) is Canal Days. Haven't decided on what I want to do that weekend, but that's over a week away. Doesn't help to get all freaked about it... not when you have something to do the weekend before. LOL, I used to do that, but not anymore. It gives me heartburn.

  So you all have a good week, and I will see you on the Surgery Records Radio airwaves!