6 July 2018

  Coming close (next week) to yet another birthday....... *sigh* .......... and I just keep going... I do have to say, though, sitting here having the TV on for background "noise" (if I try to listen to tunes, I seem to get more distracted, lol), and have noticed the channels I like have been going entirely too "reality" for me. Let's face it, some of this is complete & utter bullshit. It's getting to where I only turn on the video channel (and not the popular ones, because what passes for popular is just as bad as the reality shit), and catch a band I know, or seen, some where, some time in my travels or through the radio show stuff. I recognize a tune, I will look up, and smile because it's nice to see a band be out there enough to have a video on TV...

  For those of you following the "no smoking" thing, still not... and looking at a timeline for this first step "vaping" to end sooner than I thought it might. I am doing 6 mg of nicotine, and 100 mg of CBD (which is seriously helping with my anxiety and knee issues, proud to report!) in my "trucker lookin'" vape machine. I say trucker looking, because it resembles a mic for a CD radio (You can take the girl out of the diesel, but you can't take the diesel out of the girl... once a driver, always a driver, and some times that's the only way my brain can get through the day). I will say this is actually easier than anything else I have tried, but changes come with it, ones I don't quite know how to handle yet, like my diet. F*ck. I never got heartburn so bad on yogurt or ice cream... and that, right there, is driving me f*cking crazy! I love both so much, and hopefully this passes.... after 40 years of smoking, something might have to give, just not happy right now with this.

  In other news, what has been going on has me trying to focus and look for better ways to connect with the scenes and the music I'm so fond of. I deal with a LOT of venues, promoters, & bands in getting the radio shows together (gotta check out the indie bands if I want to keep bringing the listeners new, right?), but actually putting a show of my own together might take a little more work. Not a radio show, but a live music show... and usually, I stay connected through the camera, which might be the single most thing I am never without, in one form or another. I seriously want to do a few, but I'm not a promoter... which is a job I really don't want to do... so I have people I can bounce ideas off of. Live music, the scenes, really need a boost in the arm, so everyone can make money, but let's face it, when shit changed 15 years ago, it wasn't thought through, completely. New laws and our evolving world has messed with our enjoyment of going out (some for the good, others not so much). In the words of Waylon......... "......... we need a change..........."

  Last night, out again, this time for a great show at the Warehouse... and after last night, I have to find a way to do things a little more simplified. A few people annoyed the ever-living crap out of me, and I can either chalk that annoyance up to not smoking, or the fact my tolerance for drunks isn't improving, but getting worse (I quit drinking 7 years ago this coming October). Like that twit last night who tried to claim my spot where I had all my stuff and his "I don't see your name on it" (Erik, time to rectify that...), and wouldn't move till I raised my bitch level a tad. Kept giving me dirty looks... yEah yEah, buddy LOL, what freakin' ever! I am looking to travel lighter, too. The camera is heavy, as is some of the other stuff I carry, so that perfect catch-all keeps eluding me...

  Took this past Wednesday and will be off next Wednesday from my RBX shows. I have not gotten as much as I would like done with organizing, and sitting here with a stack of CDs to rip & put on my shelf in alphabetical order, or changes to Da Nest (overhaul is due, especially my closet), but I knew the quitting would mess with my system, and the brain function is not all there & clear yet, so I just keep doing what I do, and keep rocking the plan. This is taking a little time, but will be well worth it and hopefully by this time next year, I will be smoke free & better focused. Just letting this progress the way it needs to, will be best for all, and I won't want to punch anyone. Coming up this Sunday to Week 3 no smoking... so don't mind me if you see me and I am a touch short... apologies in advance.

  I will keep you posted on the shows and such, just need to get through this weekend, and get through the week. Should be doing better by the time I hit the airwaves again...

  Check out All Indie with Bobby B every Tuesday for your indie music fix, and we will see you soon!

July 20th 2018

  Last week I took even updating this off, but it doesn't mean I wasn't busy... I spent some time out at shows (last Friday was a benefit for Dogs For Autism at Taps), Orangeville Truck show (where I was in heaven with all that diesel smoke in the air, even though it was raining), a show with Lady In Black & more at Corktown Pub and trying to get things reorganized for the shows (along with laundry & such) all week.

  This Saturday sees me at This Ain't Hollywood for Sven Gali. I am looking forward to seeing their show after hearing the new tune... and I am really going to enjoy those avocado fries from the little restaurant next door. (Yes... avocado fries. Don't knock it till you've tried it. I could make a freakin' meal out of them!) Good music and good food... I live for that!

  Still not smoking. Hubby is still alive, lol. My heartburn is off the f***ing charts, though. A friend told me I really need to stop with the Gaviscon and Gas-X shit, so I will keep you posted on something I will try before I elaborate. Hopefully my heartburn will not kick up after my fries... because that would suck... tonight I will attempt having steak, too... been actually LOSING weight not smoking, only because I have been forced to rethink my diet. You get to a certain age, it happens... and no, you don't have to like it.

  Resumed my shows this past week on RBX Radio after taking a "self-imposed" couple weeks off trying to shovel out some cobwebs and get a stack of CDs prepped of indie music that has been here, going over programs I need (update, update, update!) to do what I do, then get a few things ready for the upcoming weeks to come... as I will probably have to shut some stuff down to get things ready for processing even more photos.

  Like figuring out why I am holding on to multiple weird files, that'll never be used or see the light of day... and other things, like really being pissed at myself for getting behind on what is important for my self-sanity.

  If there was an easy way to get things to people, I guess everyone would be doing it... so from now on, I might have to at least reasonably price a disk or jump drive to get to bands that I see & shoot. At least, toss me a coffee or pop at a show... I'd be happy.... you get pics & I stay sane... we are in this together, let's help each other. I have been trying like hell to help promote where I can, and hope you all appreciate what I have been doing since my first day at Max Ink Radio... and continue at RBX. Indie artists of all kind don't need some corporate yahoo calling the shots these days... and should be able to have their vision. I would love to see more of that...

  Let's talk about something, too, that has a lot of us annoyed: lack of support for live music and the venues it is brought to for us every week, day, year... and the fact that in this day & age, downloads are "the big thing". It's nice, if I hear a band, and can't see them, I can still get what I need to for airplay... especially if I really love what their doing, but that is in no way an excuse for not seeing a band live. Now some, that I like, I don't get to see (a geographical thing... like I can't get there in an hour if they are playing BC and I live in Ontario), but I do what I can being one person, that has a network I can work with...... and nothing on this planet is better than being in that room listening, watching, dancing to a LIVE band. Oh and so what if they aren't perfect on stage... that is the biggest beauty... as well as a band interacting with its fans... You are part of them, as they entertain. They work damned hard, so don't they deserve a great audience for their hard work? Seriously... don't just listen, be part of it.

  I was actually going to try and get out tonight, but these 3 day weekends are starting to kill me, but I might yet. I can't be everywhere though... and indie will always take my attention first. Just an FYI for ya... There is an awesome show going on at Willie John's Big Easy with battered Egos & Monteith... and you need to check Live Entertainment calendar for Canada, as Christie Hails does a bang up job letting you know what's happening. Also, check her work with Indie Rocks (indie-rocks.ca), both the Facebook page and website (and you will find a link to that website on the FB page!).

  Got a little wordy this week... HA! Sometimes, I have to do that....anyways...

 See ya on the airwaves on Wednesday (8 PM!!!), and be sure to check out All Indie with Bobby B. & Christie Hails on RBX Radio on Tuesdays, starting at 7 PM Eastern.

  Keep rockin'!