14 Jan. 2019

  Week 2 of a new year, and I ain't feelin' it... whatever the "it" is I am supposed to be feelin'... just don't ask, lol, easier that way... because I still dunno wtf ... just bear with me, because I have some stuff (whether you like it or not, can't care) on my mind. I need to be "straight up" & honestly brutal today...

  Pretty bad when I have to go to my video channel for "background noise" because their ain't f-reakin'-all on tv, and I have a few cool channels I love. Before you say Netfix and shyte like that, realize I am NOT a movie lover and don't much care for a lot of the so-called "cinema" available these days. If it isn't insulting your intelligence, it is remaking something Hollywood should probably left the hell alone... and I prefer weird videos more anyway... at least it makes you think. Those "original shows" is a way of making you pay for shit they can't put on network or cable because of it's content, but hell. That don't make sense, and you know what I mean if you ever watched TLN after midnight.

  There are a few things happening here, that probably shouldn't... and I am still feeling stuff out. I feel I need to stick up for myself here, because I can only be nice for so long to people... & I have done this DJ thing long enough to know, if you got something good you want to try, watch who ya tell... bottom line. I am nice to everyone, or try to be, so don't think I'm schlepping y'all off N shit, I am just working things out in my brain..... and maybe take time to know who I am. Actually quite simple, and complicated at the same time, no doubt, still... always here with an ear and it doesn't go further...

  While I'm bitching this week, let's address the photo thing... the not sharing all your secrets, keeping some things to myself/yourself, and having a few of my/your own ideas that work for me/you... we all have them. Helping someone out when truly having an issue is so cool and what "community" is all about, to get better... especially if the room is driving everyone crazy...  truth... however having "our thing" personally... it's what makes us unique artists... and with that said... ffs, ask if you want to see what is in my bag or what my settings are... don't assume I am cool with you helping yourself, no matter who you are! I don't do that to others, have done my best to respect others and appreciate everyone's work, but would appreciate the respect. Now, NO ONE needs to know what kicked this off (and don't DM, PM or text me to find out, you won't! It has taken me a bit to calm down over this...), but I had to say something... and just know I ain't happy about it... 'nuff said (in words of a friend...).

  I am all for community. However, lately... dunno. I would like to see more individualism and organic thoughts. They go hand in hand... can't have one without the other, IMHO... some of us are so stuck in decades we love, we can't seem to move forwards... and I can be guilty of such every once in a while... But that was the whole idea of doing the internet radio thing. To grow. Not wish for our mis-spent youth back, but to grow. I do NOT want the 70s & 80s back... although I wouldn't mind having the body back...  :P  The music was awesome back then, truth in some ways (no, not all, also personal opinion, mmk...?), but listen now... and quit comparing. There is no comparison with the right tunes, and they are out there.

  Guess I am just having a moment on a few things annoying me lately... eh? Maybe you will know me a little better after this. I try to be approachable for everyone, because I firmly believe the music of indie artists need to be heard, just realize I am one person, trying to get you as many ears to listen as I can, but life sometimes pisses me the fuck off too... and remember, we are all in this together...

  Catch ya on the airwaves, okey dokey?

7 Jan. 2019

     First entry of the year... I was thinking about doing one last week, but got a little bit busier than I liked. The year is starting to shape up nicely, between my show on Surgery Records Radio, live music, in studio guests and surprises, truck shows, and whatever else is flung my direction I choose to take on.

  There is also some new personal boundaries I have set that will be respected... because I have always tried to be nice, and some people take "liberties" because they think they can. It has made me "short" in some ways, so it ain't happening anymore. My well being is important, too, not just yours.

  I will have a major announcement end of this month, too, once I get a few things ready for something happening in March, so stay tuned. (This is where I wink and smile... for now it has to wait...)

  One major change: I finally moved on from vaping, which means no smoking and no nicotine. Done. I got a smaller vape machine just for CBD oil (and possible THC oil, now that it is legal here), because it helps with my anxiety attacks, and joint pain, plus helps with my depression that has knocked me a little out of balance. I have to thank Vape Escapes on Hartzel Road here in the city for helping me move on from something that has been a stupid habit from day one. I don't plan on substituting one habit for another, but if it keeps me focused and off over the counter or prescriptions drugs for pain & other things, I will take it. I made a post on Facebook yesterday, so it IS "Facebook official" like everyone seems to think it needs to be... HA!

  In this new year I am looking for better ways to get all the socials I use (FB, Twitter, & Instagram) to work together, because I would (and have been) spending more time than I care to, trying to get my news out on the platforms. No wonder people hire people to do this stuff, but that is also when things get out you don't want out & shared. I commend those who do this for a living, but not everyone needs to know every single thing about anyone, unless you are in a long term relationship. Just my humble opinion and 2 cents. There is a way to do this all, but I have not made the time to do this yet, myself.

  I have been serious lax on my SmugMug and a few other things, but that might be because I was going through a few downer times and I had not found a way to focus and get myself sorted enough. Seriously, you know how many freaking pics there is here? Hahahaha... omg. I am entirely too snap happy! It took me 5 months alone just taking care of truck & ship pics. Still not completely done, but a dent has been made. 4 truck shows this year is on my agenda, too, so... yEah.

  There is also a new series of concerts in Niagara ( in Welland ...) ... which I can get media creds to attend to shoot. I will be talking to "boss" at my station, and we go from there. Some have told me I should, others have suggested, and a few have wondered if it will happen. Waiting on that all, but I talked to a friend on Saturday, and this is a go for 2019. So we see. You all know me enough by now to know what I am thinking... so let's leave it at that, shall we?

  Looking to shoot some special shows in 2019 (beside the truck shows) that I am not at liberty to discuss just yet, and by the end o the year, a revamp to my equipment might have to happen. That and this is getting renewed, while I find a way to keep this all "out there"..... quite the challenge. Working with Windows 10 Home right now, and I have faithful "WorkHorse" (Win7 Pro) off line till I see about firing it up and saving what I want to save. It has been non-stop, but all worth it. I will be looking into a few things this year, so no grass growing under this bird's feet.

  I am not looking to be anything but true to indie and local music, but looking to improve my corner of the world enough to get people to listen. Not a lofty agenda, just trying to stay steady at what I have started almost 7 years ago at Max Ink Radio, and want to continue at Surgery Records Radio...

  Ok... little long winded here, but hey, it is the first post of the year, and as you can see, I am still working hard behind the scenes.... so, see ya on the airwaves! I have work to do...