19 Jan. 2018:

   Just a mini update for you as things heat up heading into next week. I was a little late with my update to "Video of the Week" but that is the way things have been going.

  I have been hip deep in learning something new for a program, getting ready to set a few online things up, and sorting out when I plan on sleeping. That sleeping thing I been told is overrated.... but I I am back on MY usual hours of sleep, especially since FB has decided I don't have enough on my plate, and need to sort out account issues..... like, I got them all back... now wtf...? HA! Eventually they will leave me alone.

  There are still other things going on in my life, but they are of the personal type.

*Boundaries, people... we all need them.* (I have been "working on me". Come to a few conclusions, and know some instances are NOT my problem. Shit is going to happen and that is that. Rather freeing....)

  Since the "lock out crap", I noticed friends I care about have left FB... have had tragedies... and have had awesome come into their lives... and though they aren't ALL around on social media to talk to, I will see them at a show, or wherever..... one has to do for oneself every once in a while, or you are no good to friends & family when they might need you, if you don't take time for you...

  I will see you guys on Monday if I don't get lost in learning my new stuff... hahaha..... hey, who said you can't teach an old (er) dog new tricks! Have a killer weekend, and maybe enjoy some awesome live music if you can!

  Stay warm!!!!

26 Jan. 2018:

  Good lord... it seems I been busy, and this is SO late! My apologies..... it has been a whirl-wind few weeks, and more excitement coming up!

  FB gave me EVERYTHING back.. with the exception of missing messages and a few photos. Good thing I back the pics up at least. Take my advice, download your FB content. Only way I found those missing messages, lol... oye..... now to start over... again.

  Last night I was in a movie/tv shoot.... with local bands Battered Egos, Eklectik, Social-Strife at the Rockpile. (Shout out to Dom & Jake!!!) This was all for HollyWood Giants.... and I got to see 2 new-to-me bands: The Kids From Yesterday & Anthems In Ashes. The latter is soon to be added to the playlist..  ;)

  I ended up video taping as well as doing some stills, so catching up will be a bit of a chore.. but it'll get done.

  No rest for the wicked tonight with me off to the Warehouse for a Livestock show... with Street Pharmacy, Revive The Rose, and I get to see Battered Egos again (which is always a pleasure!). Doors at 8PM, and it's 10$ to get in and see these awesome bands.....

  THEN tomorrow at The Geekery Pub, Last Rites (looking forward to that!), Crutch (first gig since their hiatus! New lineup, and I am eager to see them again... been a while!), AND.. hahaha.... Prismind! In my neck o da woods? OH hell yeah! I mean, honestly....... you all are well aware how I feel about this Hamilton metal band, and this is just freakin' fantastic they are *THIS* close to home...

  Tomorrow, also, a quick trip to my fave computer store (Canada Computers. G is going to be upset... lol. "Candystore" for me!), to grab an external (1T) and dump all this videos the 5100 took as I was still shooting with the 750... (yeah, there goes my Sunday!).

  Enjoy the few pics from last night's gig, and I will be catching up soon. There will be more photos going on the SmugMug, too, within the next couple weeks.... Keeping busy is good!

  Have an amazing weekend & I will catch you on the airwaves Wednesday on RBX Radio at 8 PM Eastern (1Am GMT!), and don't forget to catch Bobby B. & the lovely Miss Christie Hails every Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern on RBX!


2 Jan. 2018:

  New year, new goals....

  Isn't that supposed to be the case? I did, however, make myself a promise....... NO resolutions. Let's face it, we don't always stick to them.

  I am just making promises to myself that I have one year to accomplish, and if they don't all happen, I won't be getting angry at myself.

  So this being my first entry for 2018, let it be known I did not make any resolutions and don't plan on any in years to come. There ya go!

  Now that "Phoenix" is back I can work it closely with my actual page on Facebook.... although I will be figuring out wtf is going on with my Twitter that might be fubarred, which sucks. I had it hooked to my "Phoenix Camerah" FB account, and my tweets were there for all to see, but I have a feeling I need to find out if it got compromised as well.

  See, in this day and age where you have people who assume "I can do this, who do I mess with? What can I steal?", nothing is safe.... OH and locking down who you are...? is sometimes difficult when you have people out there SO looking to mess with honest people, from grandmothers to people who are just trying to do the right thing in something they believe in. Lots of jackasses out there willing to take away from you.... and if you could, you sometimes want to punch the internet in the face if it had one.

  This year I concentrate on me, those I love and love working with... and the possibilities are truly endless. A plan in place that needs to be set in motion...... all I need.

  First & foremost, what I been learning with my camera and my dedication to indie music will come first... I have a few new tricks up my sleeve... and the determination in my soul will grow deeper. I lost a lot when my networking got shut down because of all the hacking on FB... and slowly, those who always believed in me, are making their way back to support me. This is where my attention will be on a business front......

  And secondly, my commitment to my family (blood or otherwise) will have my FULL attention. You do not have to be a blood relative for me to consider you family. There is a few people who could not be any less than family... that have always been there for me. Those people will always come first.

  Third and lastly, don't expect me to jump because you think I should. Being a "nice guy" is ok, but never mistake me for a doormat. I promise to not do the same to you... deal? Patience is the key this year....

  March 1st marks 6 years in internet radio... first with Max Ink (and for that, I must thank Jimmy K, Rokker, and E-Dub), and now with RBX Radio, and I must thank everyone there for taking me on as a personality (especially the owner Scotty, and the 2 people who got me the gig Christie & Bobby B.). Everyone there is aces.... and they have damned good programming.... a great station to be associated with! I plan on spending more time there with those who are now my "radio family" and love dearly.

  2018 will rock and I am looking forward to the show..... wishing all a fantastic one!

12 Jan. 2018:

  Still recovering from that cold? Yes. Better, but yes. This likes to hang on.... but I can breathe and be what some might call normal. "Over the hump" so to speak.....

  Thanks to this, I have been a little behind on some things, like pics, shows, and various other things that is my daily grind, but I am S-L-O-W-L-Y working my way back to getting things done. I have managed to kick myself in the butt hard enough to get meetings, new music, and updates done. Not happy I am behind, but goal setting came first this past week.

  There is a ton of cool coming down the pike, and you will just have to be patient... as I am allowed to reveal, it shall be done. I am busting with *happy* at the moment.... I like where things are headed......

  Until then, this little update is to let you know all is awesome in my world.. and hope it is in yours!

16 Jan. 2018:

    Mondays have become a little crazy, so lately I have been updating when I can. Things aren't planning to settle any time soon, and that's a good thing.

  Hibernating in winter hasn't been something I am able to do lately. That's ok. So much amazing has been going on, and a lot to come... but that's why I do what I do & enjoy it.

  For one thing, even though it was bitter cold, I decided to venture out on New Year's Eve... and ring in the new year with friends, even though we ALL were suffering from that cold/flu going around. The fresh air must've done me wonders, because by the following weekend (we were  STILL in the deep freeze those 2 days), I was at a couple good gigs in Hamilton.

  First was This Ain't Hollywood with Battered Egos & Ruby's Revenge on the 5th of Jan. The cold wasn't the only thing crazy, but the storms London ON way, had one band not making the trip. I will catch up with them soon, though... already watching and making plans.

  On the 6th, back to Hamilton for A Rebel Few, Punishment, Aftermath & Big Durty at The Corktown. Saw a LOT of people at that show, and many friends....... and it was a great night of killer rock! I made a new connection through Aftermath... who was performing for the first time in a few years! Always like seeing bands do that, especially when it's rather obvious they LOVE performing! All in all, great night. Glad that wind decided to die down by then, though, and being outside wasn't as bone-chilling if you smoke... (yeah, yeah, I should quit... not ready.)

  This past Friday (Jan. 12th) found me at The Old Winery in NOTL with Mike Lynch (awesome singer-songwirter) & Shane Guse (this guy can kick your butt on that fiddle!) the guests of The Old Winos. It was nice seeing Steve Goldberger, Mike Glatt, & Dave Norris again... I don't make it out as often as I'd like to see them. Always fun and relaxing!

  Basically stayed in on the Saturday. It was one of those chill days on a weekend I take. Hubby & I ordered in, and we stayed toasty in our easy chairs for the evening. "Lazy us time"... sometimes ya gotta...

  I had to, though, on Sunday after G got back from bowling, go see my "dealer" Terry over some cool CDs he got in. He runs New World Records and has a booth in the Lincoln Flea Market (walking distance for me and dangerous... especially in nicer weather!). I did not leave empty handed.... which seems to always be the case, but he has supported me for years, as I have him. I always know who to go to when I want to really find something. He's the one that found my Galloglass "Heaven" CD at a price I didn't need a loan for...... it took him a few years, but none-the-less, I now have it. I have him on a new hunt right now...  and this might take him a while, but hey, gives me an excuse to pop in and say hi... and yes, spend money, lol.

  Yesterday, when I usually update this, I took care of a little other business, and now I am officially on SmugMug. You will see a link on the Welcome page of the website here. I will share it here, too... so you can check it out without trying to find it...

  I have plans & ideas... working with the team over at indie-rocks.ca..... and this figures nicely into those plans. No, not any details yet, but soon... 

  SO... that has been what's up with me. Finally feeling better, as well... hope all is good with you, too. Until I see ya on the airwaves Wednesday on RBX Radio, have a great one!

   Here is easy links to SmugMug, RBX Radio, Indie Rocks, & New World Records for you. Please visit the websites often!!!