Photo cred: P. Camerah.

"No Games" by Brandon McPherson used with permission.

(Thank ya, B!!!)

  • No Games4:02

Welcome to my world!

Recently, I made the switch to RBX Radio, and will continue my work supporting indie music! It has been an awesome run at Max Ink Radio, and I thank those good people for the opportunity!

Now I have a chance to rock the airwaves and join friend Bobby B, as a team member at my new home.

The camera will not be silenced...... From 35mm & Digital photography to help let you see what is happening in my world as a DJ on internet radio...

It's what I do.

Here, over the next *whatever* for time, I will share bands, websites, photos, links to other people's work, and just things I am doing on any given day/month/year.

I'm ready to take you with me on this ride I am on.  Give a listen to the tune below.... and hang on for the ride!

Buckle up!!!