Photo cred: P. Camerah.

"No Games" by Brandon McPherson used with permission.

(Thank ya, B!!!)

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Welcome to my world!

Recently, I made the switch to Surgery Records Radio from RBX Radio, and will continue my work supporting indie music! It has been an awesome run at Max Ink Radio and at RBX, and I thank those good people for the opportunity! A lot of changes have been happening since my first days on internet radio, with a bunch of people telling me what to do, but after all is said & done, I still do whatever the f... I want... because my bottom line has always about indie music, not the bigger names everyone seems to be more concerned with.

I will not make excuses for who I am.. Bottom line, whatcha see is whatcha get with me. Too many having to throw their "other faces" on in order to get what they want. I ain't like that because you can be nice without being pushy or a push over. You have your boundaries, utilize them. Simple.

It is probably why I would rather go to independent shows... I only have myself to impress. If I make people happy along the way, bonus, but I will not give up who I am in the process.

The camera will not be silenced...... From 35mm & Digital photography to help let you see what is happening in my world as a DJ on internet radio...

It's what I do.

Here, over the next *whatever* for time, I will share bands, websites, photos, links to other people's work, and just things I am doing on any given day/month/year.

I'm ready to take you with me on this ride I am on.  Give a listen to the tune below.... and hang on for the ride!

Buckle up!!!