11 Feb. 2019

   WELL, what can I say...? It was a good week, but... as you know... things don't always go hunky freakin' dory all the time... AND it makes for an interesting passage of time.

  A few things on my mind probably should not be verbalized... to protect the not-so-innocent.... but try talking to me like that again (they know who they are, and even if they don't, they will be told... privately...) and I will have to consider my options. Some of the things I am seeing and hearing are really starting to annoy me, and "playing the game" has never been my strong suite, but there are limitations. *I* have limitations... and If you assume with me... that is not a good thing... this is a non-assumerist zone (and thanks, to Steve for the new word.... "assumerist"... bwahahahaha, LOVE it!).

  OH and something else that has been annoying me... Let's just say I have had this feeling that some people forget what I am about, and that is just pissing me off... there is too many people willing to betray you out there. I am always trying to sort what can be out there, and there is plenty without the drama, bullshit, attention seekers, and idle gossip. We don't need any of that, now do we...? That is what keeps people from talking when something is bothering them.... and the dark thoughts creep in. Life is hard enough... and it is sad I have to point this out... because I firmly believe the public's need to know right doesn't out weigh an individual's right to keep it to themselves. You are entitled to your life... live it & love it! Just know I am always here to talk if you need it... and no... no one else needs to know.

  You see, what I am always talking about is there is a TON of awesome happening out there this year (which is MUCH cooler), be it at Warehouse for Up Yours Productions, or Willie John's with Indie Rocks, Livestock, or Niagara Metal, at Taps on Queen with Springilicious plus other things, cool shows from CDC Entertainment, or at The Rockpile with Route69 Productions, Black Tooth Grin Productions... or others... and live music of ALL genres will be out there for you to partake in if you just get off your damned couch and go.

  Do you realize the amount of awesome out there? I think it is time for you to find out... and I don't want to hear any excuses... I would love to be everywhere...... just to show my support. I do what I can, have been for almost 7 years on internet radio, and my whole life just showing up to see live music (with or without my camera) to let those on the indie (and cover) stage know I appreciate what they are doing.

  Yeah, I'm a little annoyed. I try to work through what annoys me... this is why I am taking a little time for myself this year with what I want to do. Doesn't mean no shows, don't be silly... I could never give up live music... but a I might get picky lol...

  Highlights are and always will be seeing friends, like spending time with Demolition Rage this past Wednesday on my show on Surgery Records Radio...  and I am looking forward to more... Much much more....

  Let's see what the future holds... shall we?  ;)


4 Feb. 2019

       *LANGUAGE ALERT!!!*

   Hi. How are ya? I am ok, but still doing my thing... and came up with an idea, that is *kind of* no longer.... yEah, the brain is in a weird mood today... has been for a few days... hell, weeks. With so much changing and not really knowing who to trust with a thought, it is difficult to get what you need to get it started, and a lot are figuring that out.

   We already know that I am a little iffy on some things, it is no secret I roll my eyes a lot and I have some wicked cool ideas floating in brain, but getting people to work together without fucking egos getting in the way is damned near impossible. Do I have an ego? Yes, we ALL do (You are fucking a liar if you say you don't). Some of us just don't put it before a task needing doing or getting done..... if that makes sense... and the ego thing can come later, which is why I am having a tough time with a few things and people need to know that. I try like hell not to put "what's in it for me" before anything else. (probably why I am always broke... lol)...

   There are some other things... rumors, gossip... that is totally not true, and I will be rethinking some people soon. I will keep my thoughts and ideas to myself, too... oh and DO NOT say one thing and do another. This makes me look wishy-washy and I hate it.

    Case in point: If I am waiting on you to do as you said you were going to and 6 months later, it's STILL not done, I want to thank you for making me look bad as well, because I actually waited for you to do what you said you were going to in the first place, & you didn't do it, so you made us all look bad. (Bravo... thanks for nothing to the shitheads on the planet.)

   There are things i just don't care about, and it's ok. If it isn't ok with you, then that isn't my problem, it's yours. Plain & simple. I have my own thing to do, and if our paths cross in an artistic & Idealistic way, awesome. If it don't, well, that is ok, too... just got to figure out what works... we'd all be happier.

  Get your shit together, Niagara... people are watching, and it is up to you all to realize we are ALL in this together, and it is not about a few people who live here.

Feb. 18. 2019...

  Short month is rolling quick. For me at least. The only thing NOT moving on quickly for me, is healing from my shoulder issue... we also have a lot of snow this morning, but it is winter in The Northland...

  All sorts of non-music related things happening this past week... like the Red Hill Valley going from 90 to 80 kilometers (like that will stop dumbasses, fix the surface issue found in that report!), the ongoing arguments over the Amber Alert from this past week (Yes, people actually complained, if you can believe that), and the fact that winter keeps dumping snow on us, and people don't know how to drive on it... yEah.

  Musical stuff rocked for me last week... with Lee Aaron at The Rockpile with Heavens Fire on Friday (Feb. 15th) and it was an awesome show. Was there for the HF guys but I was in pain so much, that after their set, I had to get home so missed out on Lee... and I was ready to throw in the towel a few times.. I do want to thank JT & the guys for an amazing set! It rocked!

  Also on Feb. 10th, was Aaron Pritchett at Big Texas with Kira Isabella. Great show put on by CDC Entertainment, as usual, and everyone seemed to really enjoy. Ran into a ton of people I know that were there, and managed to do my job despite certain factors... this is where I do that smiley face thing, and offer up no more info...

  I am moving a little slow... lol. Going to TRY and get some laundry done here.... it's Family Day and hubby is off work, which means f-all usually gets done... With a bum shoulder, I want to do a lot but I just can't move... yes, I'm complaining. Don't do it a lot... so hush, lol...

  Being nice in this biz is really hard. Especially when you have gone out of your way to be nice. Getting your own thing done isn't impossible, you just decide for yourself what is important , then carry on.

  That is the newest goal. Just carrying on. With the new show starting in March for me on Surgery Records Radio, I don't have time for a lot of weird stuff...

 See ya on the airwaves... eh?


25 Feb. 2019

  Not a lot to say this week. Just working hard on some things. Always working on something. The brain gets ahead of everything these days...

  Got a new show starting next Wednesday, that is great for something a little mellower than my usual. I still have that, later in the evening, but this will be good... I can feel it.

  Mostly country, so rounding up good tunes for the show... and making some changes as I go. Do what you have to, now dont' ya?  ;)

  I will see you on the Surgery Records Radio airwaves...... stay warm!