16 Feb. 2018:

   Just a quick update... because I have been really busy running about & organizing!

  I tore apart Da Nest yesterday, trying to get the FM and Indie CDs organized. Actually found some DVDs I want to watch and revisit. I am still looking for a VHS tape I seemed to have misplaced, which is annoying. I wanted to introduce a friend to the movie. When I find it, I will tell you which movie. Until then, a mystery it will be...

  My "Priest shrine" (Judas Priest...) is a little more together, although there is a few things I am still missing. Years ago I put together a "Danceable Priest" CD and you think I could find that disk? Grrr.... found the case, so I had the track listing, but the disk disappeared. OH well... chit happens. I also (speaking of JP related things) still don't have the track listing for a band called Gravel. Ian Hill's son was in that band, Alex, and I really love the hard hitting alternative music. Be nice to put a name to the tune, but until then, I will just listen to it...

  Tonight is Janicii at the Bull Market in Niagara Falls brought to you by indie-rocks.ca, and the start time on that is 9 PM. Every friday, there is awesome music to be had and I have had the pleasure, so far, of being there since it started earlier in the month of February. A great way to kick back, listen to awesome music, have a few drinks & maybe play a little pool.

  Also going on tonight in the area at The Geekery Pub, is a night of Punk pop, Metal, & Rock. Bands slated to play for this show is The Smile Case, Battered Egos, Skeleton Lake & headliner Vodnik. $5 gets you in the door for a full card of kick ass music. Say hi to Gillian..... she rocks!

  Check out Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada for a bunch of fantastic live shows happening in the area and beyond all over Canada!

  Tomorrow, Eklectik is at Sessions on the River to officially release their tune, "Know Your Place"...... and a full day, starting at 3PM, of music is lined up for the party! It's "pay what you can at the door" (Doors open at 2pm), and proceeds go to the Lioness of St. Davids for Dogs for Autism. Joining Eklectik is: The Midnight Sons, Dealer's Choice Duo, The Kac Himself, HUH?, Social Strife, Sunset Strip, & Chris Curry. There is a cool prize to be had, so I guess you will have to drop in and see.

  Spring is in the air, and I can feel it....... getting so ready to say goodbye to winter cold. Next week on my show, on RBX Radio, we have in studio guests, Rev Bob.... 8 pm Est / 1 am Gmt, so I'm getting ready for an awesome show on Wednesday!

  This was supposed to be a short note.. bwahahaha...... well, it's ok. I am always told busy is good... and ya know? It is. Have a great weekend, & support your local music scene! They work hard to help entertain YOU!

5 Feb 2018:

  Well, heck... updating on a Monday... been a while. Between the holidays, shows, and various other things, getting this updated on the day I always try to do it, has been a *little* nerve-wracking. There has been many things happening all about me, and I was down with that cold/flu/sickie shyte in December, which had me trying to recover well into the early part of 2018. I wish the weather would make up its mind as well. This has been the worst winter for my allergies... so between being around the people sick and dealing with that, I had to do the downtime or I wasn't going to be able to do anything. I just hope everyone is better.. and not catching this bug... and if you are, get better soon!

  A lot of sub-zero days since Nov. of last year. Not complaining, as this IS Canada and we know from October to March (sometimes in April), the weather has a mind of its own. The only thing is in January, like everywhere else that has a winter, the thaw can throw things off. Nothing is safe from the wrath of winter!  At least, not here...... hahaha!

  A few things to note to catch you up... first, my SmugMug (just search SmugMug for Phoenix Camerah...) is getting filled with photos from shows I been to as far back as I care to go. The reason is the second one, why I am doing it... as you know, I had 2 accounts on FB... One got hacked and the other I was locked out of. Enter serious frustration (and having to make a few friends admin on the dj page), just to keep up with all my continuing work. Well... end of 2017, I was allowed one (that I have been locked out of before)... and 2 weeks later, the other. NOW I have to figure out how to juggle... The past 6 months have been a major pain in my ass. I missed out on what was going on with friends I care about and lost out on a few things too. So, now I am working on my website (I need links, you music related people!!!), getting pics on a place where they can be found easy, and getting ready for a busy 2018. I been in a whatever state of mind... but I think stock in Advil might be a good purchase.

  Enter camera issues... I have had to take "Baby" in to see wtf the problem is, used a loaned camera this past weekend (and will the weekend coming up...), and maybe think about putting the 5100 back to work till I get the 750 back... don't want to, I'm spoiled... but you work with what you're dealt. By the end of the year, I have a few plans for me, so I can not just do what I do, but do what I want to do...

  Working with Christie over at Indie Rocks has been one of my highlights through this all... with serious wicked shows on Fridays now at Bull Market in Niagara Falls ON, and many more plans down the road. You can keep up to date on the FB page for indie-rocks.ca for things upcoming, or visit the website. 

  Been doing my thing with RBX Radio on Wednesdays, even though the week before Christmas I was so sick I couldn't do a show... and had a few weeks where I just did all music (no voice), posting on my dj page what was going on as blocks were done up... Now I have voice and will be welcoming guests in the upcoming weeks. First one of 2018 is Rev Bob and the Lil Evil Blues band Feb 21st. Looking to have more guests as the weeks roll on. The planning is in the works... so stay tuned for that. There is a bunch of CD releases on the horizon, too... and I have a few other ideas for the show to unveil in due time. Going to be a blast. Visit rbxradio.com for details on the station. Sign up (it's free!!!) and join us!

  So... basically this has been my insane world these days... thank goodness for live music...... it has been my saving grace. Talk to you soon, & see you on Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern....  \m/



23 Feb. 2018

   It seems I am only getting here on Fridays before my busy weekends start, and for now, that's ok... this means that I am keeping very busy.

  I have to thank Tim at Fredricks Foto for the help he gave me while my "baby" was down for a couple weeks. Was I freaking out? Yeah... hahaha... but he saw me through my camera issue... cannot thank him enough! Go see him for your camera needs, and he will work with you!

  Last week Friday was really exciting with the launch of Mike JB Sky's new single via Radar Love Records with "Lonewolf" (which is our video of the week this week!). Get over to iTunes & grab a copy, and watch it on You Tube and give it a like...

  Also last week, I got to reconnect with my friend Ben Andress of Blacktop Records, who happened to be performing as The Smile Case, with Battered Egos, Skeleton Lake & Vodnik at The Geekery Pub. I had to slip out for a little to run over to the Bull Market, and see Janicii, who was doing an acoustic set there, to snap a few shots for indie-rocks.ca. It was really nice to see everyone...... and then came time to prep for a VERY busy Saturday!

  On Saturday (Feb. 17th), Eklectik had their single release party for "Know Your Place", with all proceeds going to The Lioness of St. David's for Dogs for Autism. It was a full day of music, that kicked off at 3 PM, with artists Chris Curry, Dealer's Choice Duo, The KaC Himself , HUH? (new band out of the Welland area, check 'em out.), The Midnight Sons, Social-Strife, Sunset Strip, and, of course, Eklectik.... It was non-stop, with Kendra Dyer doing interviews between sets as emcee, and the staff at Sessions On the River being amazing, as usual!!! You can go to Sessions website and check it out... the link is on their Facebook page. Photos will be up on my SmugMug soon (I still have them to go through...)... check my Phoenix Camerah DJ page for the details on Facebook.

  This past Wednesday, on my show, I had the honour to have Rev Bob and the L'il Evil Blues band in studio, and they played a few songs acoustic, and we had a great time... I want to thank Les Wheeler for helping bring this together for me, and I want to thank the guys for coming and talking music & the private concert. Keep rockin' guys & see ya soon!

  Tonight is Justin & Piero is at The Bull Market, as is many shows... check Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada on Facebook... and the BS Live rocks website for more info, and I want to give a shoutout to Punishment.. have a kick ass gig in Oshawa this Saturday with WRt Whitesnake & Carbon.

  Have a rockin' weekend, all, and catch ya soon on the RBX Radios airwaves!


March 23 2018

   Spring is here. You couldn't tell it by the snow some are getting, but it's officially here...

  With CD releases, great shows, and starting to line up other things, I'm getting insane busy for my shows on RBX Radio.

  This year, I decided on trying to get some of my own shows together, and everything is in the works, just looking for time to talk to a few people and then see where we go from there.

  Yeah, you know... the usual "behind the scenes" stuff.

  Getting people on the same page when everyone is in different directions is a little difficult, for sure, but I am surrounded by great people, and no doubt it will work. We will make it work... I'm not a promoter, just a DJ on internet radio that wants to see a few playlist bands show off their stuff. Been thinking about this for years... ever since I started with MIR... ONE day I will make it happened.

  I will be working with my back up camera (who has a new-to-me lens that works well with it) while the other is at Nikon and they figure out wtf is going on. This might cost me... lol. Be nice to get some updates to the equipment, but it all costs money, and we all know I don't make money off my artists. So I bide my time and hope for the best. I have a little time to wait before I can update things completely, and that is gotta be ok. I will do what I have to, and go from there. Simple.

  Catch you on the airwaves on RBX with in studio guest Mike of Mike's Music, on Wednesday, and until then...... rock on.

  P.S. Happy birthday, Grams. Miss ya!

March 2nd, 2018:

  In like a lion... let's hope it goes out like a lamb... yEah... lotsa of snow in Niagara...... and me just a little on edge. I am going out in this... but is ok. Supposed to melt by the end of the weekend... ("supposed to" being the key phrase....)

  Big show tonight in the Toronto area, with Pat Travers playing The Rockpile... and opening is The Temorary Plan and Punishment. The doors open at 8 PM... and it promises to be a great night!

  This next Wednesday we also welcome HUH? in studio on RBX Radio...... and talk about what is going on with them since they last visited Da Nest.

  Just wanted to catch you up a little. I have to prep for my weekend, which includes lots of live music, a little housework (it doesn't do itself, mmmk?), and whatever else I decide to do....

  Tomorrow is good friend and indie-rocks.ca founder Christie Hails birthday....... so a VERY Happy birthday to her!!!!

  So much more is happening this weekend, so check out Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada if you want to stay closer to home.....

  I have to scoot along now, so will catch you next week & on the RBX airwaves!




9 March 2018:

  You know how you get so busy learning something new that losing track of time is inevitable? Yeah, that's been me...

  Still not ready to spill the beans on what I been doing completely, but I have been doing research on Nikon's new D850, and comparing it to my 750, wondering if I would want to have one. I don't do portraits or weddings (very much D850 territory), and it (the 750) seems more suited to the very low light of venues, where I am always shooting original indie bands. Would I like to test the D850 for a weekend at my fave venues with my Tamron glass? Well, yeah... for my own personal curiosity. It also has a few other features unique to it, like being able to finally share more easily photos from my Minolta X-370 35mm (yes, I still use it) while I was doing that OTR thing in a big truck. Justifying the price for the body (and possibly a lens *just for it* when a second 750 is what I really should have... and admittedly want) has me still considering all those maybes in the head. There is so many things to decide on, that just ordering & getting one, still has me in limbo. I still carry my older D5100 with me, as it is great with my Nikon 50mm (f1.8) and my Tamron 15-30 (f2.8) that had me all hyped when I first laid eyes on the reviews & ads for it. I tend to drive myself crazy... haha. A good crazy that gets my creativity flowing, but crazy none-the-less. There is amazing photogs out there (and video people!) doing amazing things with their "weapons of choice". It's a case of finding what works for you, and sticking with it, building on what you already know.

  So, now you know what's been taking up space in my head. I still have not done photos for last week (Pat Travers... whatta show!) but I'm getting there. I am still learning the programs I have, and will probably delve into it after I am done here. There are other options, true, but I like what I work with. It's half the battle to moving forward, as you do your own thing.

  This weekend will see me at Sessions on the River with friends, and I have some exciting indie shows coming up. Also looking to have a meeting with a friend who has something that might be a great once a month addition to my RBX shows. I had new local band HUH? in here Wednesday, and looking forward to having Mike from Mike's Music in at the end of the month. Also, coming up March 30th is Rock the Rabbit 8 at The Rockpile... always an awesome time! Shout out to Jon for getting that together..... OH and it'll be the night I get to see Heaven's Fire (J.T. Harris) do their thing. Giddy? Nah. lol...

  Ok, work to do... so I will catch you on the RBX Radio airwaves on Wednesday, and check out Bobby B. & Christie Hails on Tuesdays. Have a rockin' weekend!

30 March 2018:

  With so many awesome things happening, I am a little loopy, but if it's good for indie music, it's good for me!

  Tonight is "girl's night" and I get to hang with some awesome people at The Rockpile for "Rock The Rabbit 8"... coolness that happens every Good Friday, and always a blast! It will be amazing to see everyone, and great to hang out with Dom, Jake & the bands!

  Coming up in the next week, things get a little crazier, with The Cabaret Quicksand's CD release happening April 5th (shout out to BS Live...), two (yes, 2) releases happening the 7th with Rev Bob & The Little Evil Blues Band at The Corktown and Janicii at This Ain't Hollywood... and THEN the next Friday we have Deciphering the Pale releasing their CD on the 13th of April at The Geekery. Non-stop awesome you can find daily at Live Entertainment Calendar of Canada (Christie Hails) & BS Lives Rocks......

  Easter weekend is upon us........ and I am going to wish you all a good one, and a safe holiday weekend....

  Catch ya on the airwaves ... RBX Radio ... next Wednesday, where we try to bring you the best indie the planet has to offer!