Dec. 29th... last entry for 2017.

  Well, this past few weeks have been interesting. I spent the week before Christmas in my easy chair battling the flu or cold or whatever that was/this is, and I am still recovering. The bitter cold here has been brutal as well, and we have been getting snow constantly.....

  Seriously should not complain... this IS Canada and it IS expected... but we have had it easy in the past few years around this time. The good thing is we did have a white Christmas and that was loved by many. Now it can melt... haha....

  New Year's Eve is a few days away, and my usual plans are to stay in on what I like to call "Amateur Night" (a day everyone usually picks to drink, and though there is a few through out the year, but this is the biggest)... although I am heavily contemplating going somewhere... if I feel better. It also depends on the weather and if I get my last minute 2017 things done... (like laundry... my grandmother said you should never go into a new year with dirty shorts or dishes, and I agree).

  2018 will kick off with me watching The Rose Bowl, then we start getting to gigs that next weekend coming up.

  The 5th of Jan. happens to be my wedding anniversary (Happy Anniversary, G!!!) , but the plans for the whole weekend will be a Hamilton kind of one. On the 5th it's Battered Egos, Howzat & Ruby's Revenge at This Ain't Hollywood and the 6th is A Rebel Few, Punishment & 2 other new-to-me bands at The Corktown. Looking forward to rocking in the new year with awesome friends & killer indie music, for sure.

  In the new year, also, now that I have Phoenix back, I can concentrate on getting my connections all sorted. Yeah, they gave it back.... now I can pair more things up with the DJ page that didn't get messed with. (*Knock wood*). I am still annoyed, but going with the flow... I have to. This year has thrown me enough curve balls, but getting better at fielding them. Working with bands, promoters,, RBX Radio, and my photo stuff will be awesome in the upcoming year. I have some new ideas, and some creative things I been thinking about since July. Let the games begin!

  What else can be said...? Not much. I am going to keep working on what I do, and search out the best in indie along the way. I hope you have a safe weekend, and I will see you in the new year!

  Wishing all a fantastic 2018!

Dec. 15, 2017:

         Battling a cold.... which we all knows sucks!  Nasty bug in the air finally decided to bring me to my knees......

  I will catch you guys up soon... been working on a few things all hunkered down in my easy chair, chasing germs...

  So... stay well!

    Keep rockin'!

Dec. 1st, 2017:

  Mini update... lots of things happening with the holidays coming up, and I hope you don't run yourself nuts...  ;)

  I, personally, have my own things going on with shows and photos... and looking forward to lots happening in the new year. Of course, prep is everything... as you know. Taking on some different ideas along the way which we will tell you about soon enough! Some ideas I have had for a long time, and maybe it's time to put them into action!

  Talk to you on Monday, stay safe..... and have an awesome weekend!

Dec. 4, 2017:

  Most of my weekend, I was completely fixated on the full moon....... I will totally admit it! Just so I could get this...  It was absolutely beautiful this past weekend....

SO... what can I say? Every once in a while, I turn my focus to something else I am passionate about. *We all need a hobby*

  We had thought about going and seeing friends in a band on Saturday (we saw Nathalie & Norm at Rigs Friday night), but hubby was... is fighting a cold, so we did not want to share his germs with them. After being on a dock, missing out on what I had planned on doing, we just went home, he took something, and settled in for the evening. He is feeling better, a little, and lots of things I wanted to do, but took time for "me", too. Reconnected with friends, got some catching up done, and relaxed.... for this weekend starts some cool shows...... starting with my show on RBX Radio that is going to be all metal. On Wednesday (Dec. 6th), I plan on getting a few new bands to the playlist loaded up and ready.....

  I'm about due for one. It's been a while since I got completely insane. This will have you head-bangin' or cussing me out, but none-the-less....... we are going to let it rip righteous!

  On Friday (Dec. 8th) is an 80's Night, with Sven Gali, Betty Ford & Jonesy. This is all happening at Holiday Inn & Suites Parkway Conference Centre in St. Catharines. $25 to get in..... and you can dress all 80's or just stay with the times..... looks like it'll be a blast!

  On Saturday (Dec. 9th), among other things, Whiskey Rose Tributes hit the Rockpile with a Whitesnake tribute! Support is The Addiction & Battered Egos. This is brought to you by Route 69 Productions.. and it will cost you $20 at the door. Get ahold of one of the bands, and cop a ticket for $15! This kicks off at 9 PM... doors at 8!

  The following weekend, for 2 shows (15th & 16th) is Niagara Falls honors Gord Downie. Friday's show was added due to demand. Please get a hold of Christie Hails of for ticket info!

  Never-ending fun and live music to be had as we wind down to the Xmas holiday coming up..... get out and relax after shopping.... and have an amazing week!

  Below, some pics from my weekend....... enjoy! See you Wednesday on the airwaves!


Dec. 19th 2017:

 Christmas is less than a week away, and I am far from ready.... as I stated on Friday, been battling a cold and it has made me a *touch* cranky, lol... well, this too shall fall by the wayside, I just hope it's soon....

  Being ill with holidays approaching, is not the end all, though. I know others out there have it worse than I, so if this is my biggest issue, then I will be fine. Please donate when and where you can to those less fortunate.... I wish the best for all as we move into a new year soon, and hope 2018 is a turn-around for those who need it most!

  This past Saturday, I did venture out to the Fire Hall in Niagara Falls for the tribute to Gord Downie brought to you by indie The place was packed, and the music & love could be felt throughout the room! C&S Union, Niagara's premier Hip tribute band, did an awesome job and kept the crowd going all night long. B&W photos are in indie rocks' Facebook page...

  Tonight, Bobby B is on the airwaves at RBX Radio (7PM Eastern time)... with the lovely Ms. Christie Hails... and tomorrow (8PM Eastern), if I find my voice I will be on as well. (If not, see you next week...)

  Until next week, stay warm, stay healthy, and I hope you have a wonderful extended weekend celebrating with your family & friends! Maybe catch some live music, too, while you're at it!

   Season's Greetings!