19 Aug. 2019

  Just a quick check in... been tired lately. My sleep is not good, but this will pass soon enough. Either that or I will, haha, because this is getting old.  I need a vacation, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

  There has been so much going on, I wouldn't know where to start, but there has been bad news on the local photog front, when the news hit that Greg passed. Major shock to a lot who knew him and worked with him... rest in peace...he was a great guy.

  I don't say a lot on Facebook these days, because I been keeping what I personally have been feeling and going through private. Not everyone needs to know everything about everybody. I been doing what I can from here, as I just don't have the energy to do what I want these days. Might have to hold off on a few things, but it's ok. Getting better comes first. We see what is in the cards...

  I will see you all soon, so I am going to conclude this... stay cool.

5 August 2019

  Hello, August! Looking forward to new chapters this month, with some things on the go... and some still up in the air. Getting well is a priority, for sure. Been a little ill lately, and am really thinking it's getting old. I still have things to do.

  I did have some great new music grace my ears on Friday. First, Johnson's Creek released their anticipated self titled EP on Friday and if you like country, then you need to hear this band. No doubt in my mind, they put together a great selection of their originals on their disk, and seriously worthy of a listen. Been watching these guys for a while, and they deliver.

  Second, the awaited Symphinity album Chapter 1 also dropped, and this I have been waiting for. They released a video back in May for "Singularity", and prior to the album released "Cotard Delusion" (this week's video of the week for me here on the website.). Featuring an array of fantastic guitarists, this album will have you completely immersed in total amazing! Got my copy off iTunes, and been listening to it as much as I can. Sometimes something just grabs you, and this work of art totally grabbed me!

  Cannot say enough about the amount of talent I have witnessed recently... and on the horizon, there is even more from personal faves coming. Art Griffin's Sound Chaser AND Prismind are in studio working on their next releases (all that is being talked about on their Facebook pages), and I know, without doubt, these two bands will blow what's left of my mind again! Just can't wait... can ya tell...?

  Not ONLY that, but rocker Sal Piamonte is back rocking new material, with the recent release of a video for "Follow Me" (plan on making it also a focus here), which I am working on getting so you can see it without signing in to your Google account. I have tried and it won't work, but I always say there is more than on way to skin a stubborn file, & eventually I will find it. A little risque? Yeah... hahaha, but is ok. I have seen it and it kicks some ass.

  This week on The Indie Rock Round I will have a guest, Janice Dore, and we will talk about her promotions company, and what she has been up to. All on Surgery Records Radio... See ya on the airwaves!

12 August 2019

  Much going on at Da nest these days, and I have had to be watching other things from afar. It's ok, but a little frustrating. All this shall pass in due time, just going through the process of getting what I need done. I can't be running about without energy, and for some reason, I have been drained to that point, so we do our thing quietly, and get what we can done.

  This year there have been so many festivals, and seeing people happy makes me happy. Am I annoyed I can't be out there like I used to right now? Yes, not going to lie there. However, gotta listen to the body when it puts up a brick wall & you hit it hard. We all have those moments, don't we?

  One thing I have been noticing and watching is Willie John's back at it, with indie rocks.ca having some amazing concerts lately, with line ups happening in the future. Good to see Christie Hails, with the help of a great team, getting some indie music heard out there. There are some things improving at the venue, too, and it's nice to see something finally moving forward. I have not been since they opened back up, but I will, just got a few things needing attending in my own life. Rock on, girl!

  One thing I been trying to do, is make the new Sal Piamonte video, "Follow Me", my weekly focus, but it is a little on the risque side, so you will just have to go here ---> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsKm1LcWMSaqM7ePNSId8SA to watch & listen. You WILL have to sign into your Google/You Tube account to see. Leave it to this rocker to always knock your socks off with his amazing brand of rock!

  There is a lot on the brain, and I am still trying to get some stuff together, but I will be enlightening you all soon. I am going to take care of what I need to, and see you soon. See ya on the Surgery Records Radio airwaves!