22 April 2019

  Ok, where to start? It has been a busy week, and I am just getting started! Insane week this past week... let me tell you about it:

  I did have a few "bad days" in the beginning of the week, but recovered enough for me having to switch up my country show a bit with a little rock. Yeah... I had Les of Sarasin in, to talk about the NEW CD and the upcoming show on the 27th for the CD release of "Raise the Pain"... which is a limited edition pre-release. This means there is so many available... and when they are gone, they are gone. That's it. The release is the 27th at The Studio, and I will be sure to report back, but you want more info, check Sarasin out on their website & Facebook page.

  Things were as normal as they can be the rest of the evening, and I managed, by Thursday, to get a few pics done. No, I don't put a lot up, but I did do more than 5 or 6 for both the Phear wsg Superchucker show on the 12th, and a few for Pat Travers on the 13th... I do need to update the SmugMug... and that will happen in due time. Right now I rest when I can.

  Speaking of Thursday, seeing G had Friday off (Good Friday), I was at a country show at a rock venue... Yes, a country show... at The Rockpile. It was a switch for me... for sure... however...

  You see, one of the bands a good friend is part of (that I know from a genre a bit removed from country), was part of a 5 band show that evening, and I do NOT get to see them, considering where they play, and usually they are at festivals a few hours from here. (G likes country, but sometimes... well, we have talked about this, lol...) ANYWAY, Johnson's Creek was part of 5 bands (which included Emily Clair, Matthew Runaway, Mackenzie Leigh Meyer, and David Boyd Janes (DBJ was the headliner)) and not one of them were making me uncomfortable (considering my love for brutal metal). It was an actual honest to goodness good time musically, and I enjoyed every single one of them and the music. (Country people, coming from a metal head, this is high praise.... eh?) People who love country really do need to check every single one of these bands out and I will be making a playlist including them this Wednesday on my country show, The Country Corner with Phoenix on the 24th (2 PM on Surgery Records Radio). OH and catch these all live if you get a chance, you won't be sorry. Their live shows are killer... and no, my fellow metal heads, I am not turning in my metal card for admitting I had a good time.

  Friday was Rock the Rabbit 9 and my friend & I went for an amazing time of great rock & metal all night long. Jon Monroe ALWAYS does an outstanding job lining things up and working things out every year. SO many friends there that night, and I heard it lasted till 2:45 am. We had to go, really, and I missed out on Ted Axe & Decibels of Dio but I will catch them soon... I just had an already long day. It was awesome to see Superchucker, Heavens Fire and many others. I have a ton of pics I haven't touched, but in due time....

  As you can see, I have kept moving... and this weekend is the CD release, plus whatever else needs to happen. April has been busy, but May is gearing up on me and it's looking crazy!

  Catch when catch can with me, but for sure every Wednesday, at 2 PM and 8 PM EST... and if I have to skip a show, I will let you know for sure. Until then, I shall see ya on the airwaves!

15 April 2019

  Ever have one of those days... hell weeks, you just don't want to do anything?  I am actually having problems with a few things that isn't important to anyone else, but *god forbid* I should be verbal about stuff. Some things are slowly going by the wayside.... so not complaining, just making mental changes.

  One thing that is not going by the "wayside", is local and live music. You know, we can beg all we want, but really, getting out there to support something besides bigger names is what is needed. There are tons of bands out there, and some days I do feel like I am beating a dead horse..... but dammit, there is so much waiting for eager ears. Still, venues are closing, good bands break up, and people just aren't going out. I do wonder why I do things for indie music, question myself, when I feel no one is listening, because a tune or artist isn't known, but then I see a show that takes me off guard, in a good way, and I will continue talking till I'm blue in the face... and have been doing this for over 7 years on the air... hell, I been doing this my whole life! This isn't something new for me, and I am looking for better ways to get the word out... always. You can believe the so-called "trend setters" who do their best to get you to listen to the same old all the time, but I'm here to tell you, they don't know what they are missing, out there, in the name of independents putting out amazing music.

  Like Christie's hard work at indie rocks, Amanda's hard work at Sofa City Sounds, Promoters, venues, the artists themselves... we are literally letting you know the scene isn't dead, but alive & vibrant. #GetOffTheCouch has meaning........ and some might be doing ok, but why can't everyone do ok... ? At least ok... some are doing really good. This is awesome...

 So... I have an great show lined up with Sarasin's Les Wheeler coming up this week on Surgery Records Radio at 8PM EST, and then a rare Thursday at The Rockpile to meet country music artists on my Wednesday afternoon show at 2PM EST, and then, what I been waiting for all year, Rock The Rabbit 9. Time to get my week fired up and I hope you join me... until then get out and support your local music scene... they work hard to help entertain you!

8 April 2019

  yEah..... still here. Bwahahaha... working on a few things to get ready for shows on Wednesday. The big things, coming up, is exciting news from 2 artists getting ready to unleash CDs soon, which is ubber cool.

  IN studio this Wednesday, April 10th, is Robbie from Method 2 Madness, and we are going to talk about what is rocking on his planet, and I am going to get to play a few cuts from the upcoming disk. The band is at the Rockpile July 6th... rumor has it... so we will talk a little to Robbie about that, as well... and I hear there is an awesome lineup for support.

  Next week, on April 17th, we welcome Les Wheeler from Sarasin.. yes, Sarasin, who is going to be releasing their CD April 27th at The Studio. THIS I been waiting for... OH yeah!

  Phear at The Rockpile (with Superchucker) this Friday, Pat Travers at The Rockpile as well, on Saturday, and the next few weeks just crazy, spring is in full swing! Nice weather is always a good time to #GetOffTheCouch ... ya know.

  Trying to get the other site running better (The Gig Connection), so people who AREN'T on Facebook have something local to check out (you can still, on Facebook, check Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada that Christie Hails does, and keeps updated).... and I still have not talked about my plans much (except truck shows... everyone has heard me talk about them, lol), but until I am ready, it has to wait. You guys don't have to know everything right away... HA! All I know is trying to support when you are still doing your thing is not always easy, especially if there's things you can't care about that takes away from your goals for indie music. Read into that what ever the hell you want.. it doesn't matter.  ;)  I haven't changed, even though people around me has, and that's ok. I still won't do anything I don't want to, if it doesn't benefit indie music and my shows, and 'way too many people's ideal of "benefit" is different from mine. It isn't always about the money (although making would be really nice doing what you love doing), it is all about getting heard & noticed. Lots of GOOOOOOOOOOD music out there and awesome people making it!

  SO, I will see ya on the Surgery Records Radio airwaves, twice every Wednesday now... 2 PM Est/7PM GMT for The Country Corner With Phoenix, and 8 PM EST/ 1 AM GMT to rock out and bang your heads! Have a great week!

29 April 2019

  First of all, Happy Birthday to my "bestie" and fave person on the planet, Kim... Since I started this journey she has always been part of my shows... and continues to be. A truer friend you don't want, and a stand up chick that will let you know when you are being an idiot.. my rock when I wanna punt something (even hubby knows this, lol). (Loves ya, girl!).

  OK, where do I start...? Well, how about staying in Friday because Saturday was non-stop and insane. Outside of my usual "what needs to be done" Saturday, there was the fantastic sold out show for Sarasin's CD release for "Raise The Pain". A lot of people, including me, have been waiting on this for a while, and it was truly worth the wait!

  This DJ was impressed... with the opening band as well! Company Of Strangers put on a solid set to kick the night off, and impressed me enough to cop the CD they have to add to my playlist on Wednesday nights. I totally enjoyed it.....

  Let us get back to Sarasin, shall we? If you weren't at the sold out show (yeah, I repeated myself) at The Studio, then you DID miss out. Spent the night shooting beside Kris (of Snapshots by Kris) & John Gelder (both amazing photogs and always a pleasure to work beside. I highly recommend them.), it was a non-stop night of awesome assault on the ears and to see through the camera lens. I am so impressed with the disk, I have decided on a listening party in the near future for it....... will keep you posted on that. In all, an amazing night, and great time!

  OH and one more congrats thing going on.... congrats to CDC Entertainment's bowling team (G, Jeff, Casper & the guys), who took first place at Cataract Bowl in Niagara Falls on the Sunday morning league. \m/

  Ok, what else...? Not much, but I do have pics to do, and planning for the week, so will catch ya on the Surgery Records Radio airwaves on Wednesday... see ya then!

1 April 2019

  Yeah, April Fool's Day. You will excuse me if I just don't care. Today's pranks have gotten out of hand, and cross lines. People don't need a reason to be cruel to others, it seems, these days.. and forbid anything is about you if someone more "self important" don't like it, because it takes the spotlight off them. So, I just treat it like another day...  and it falls on a Monday, so... yeah. Always crazy on Mondays here... and my stuff is just important as anyone else's.

  I have had a rough few days, actually weeks, leading up to a shitty thing I had to do last week... we put our kitty of 21 years down. Di used to greet everyone here at Da Nest... loved all, and turned cat haters into putty. You could not help yourself, you instantly loved her, even if you were allergic... and she made you feel like sneezing later was worth it. I am redoing a few things here.... Tici is 5, so I might think about a rescue around her age. No males... and she has to be perfect.

  Not for a while though. We still don't have a dog. Not for lack of ooh and ahh at pics and seeing puppies... but I don't have time. This is why I contemplated "slowing Down" in a year or so, which would make hubby happy. He is 7 years younger than I am and acts 15 years older. No, I don't care if you think I am being unfair... I tell him this shit to his face, lol... and dammit, I refuse to sit about like a lump in an easy chair... he knows it.

  I will get back into my "more music related" stuff soon... I have had a hard few months, which also found me feeling a little crappy, and because I don't bitch all the time to FB doesn't mean I ain't going through some crazy shit.

  This is no April Fool thing... it's how I feel... I know I need to snap out of the funk but warmer weather is around the corner... and Mother Nature can stop with the surprise snow storms... I'm done... lol.