April 27th 2018...

  10 PM... yup, late, lol... It has been a very busy day. Spent most of the past couple days catching up with photos (still not done... oye!) and trying to sort things. Hey, we all have those days.. weeks, even!

  This past Wednesday, I had rock band, Superchucker, in studio, and it was a blast hanging out with them! They are officially releasing their EP tomorrow, at The Rockpile (as well as digital download)... continued success, fellas!

  Tonight Prismind, Crutch & Warmachine in at Duffy's in Toronto, and wished I could make the trip, but... oh well! I know Kris (& John) of Snapshots by Kris is there, so cool pics will no doubt find their way to Facebook when they get the chance to do their thing. Make sure you check her page out, and check out the awesome work!

  I have no clue how I survived this week on the lack of sleep with those roofers next door. I love getting woke up at 7:30/8 AM after a night of editing and such (<-----sarcasm...... a morning person I am SO not.)

  Tomorrow is loaded with awesome all over Niagara & beyond, so check out Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada...... I am not going to try and tell you everything, just find it on Facebook & check it out!)

  I made the announcement yesterday, that Mike JB Sky will be joining me in Da Nest May 16th.  If you haven't checked him out, you probably should. *just sayin'* Looking forward to having him here, for sure!

  Now, to finish some other things, get the camera ready (because I will be busy both Saturday & Sunday), and maybe get some sleep soon......

  Join me every Wednesday on RBX Radio at 8 Pm EST/ 1 AM GMT for the show, and don't forget All Indie with Bobby B & the lovely Miss Christie Hails every Tuesday starting at 7 PM EST...

  See ya on the airwaves!!!

April 20th, 2018:

  Yeah, I know what today is... light 'em if ya got 'em.... and enjoy! ;) I am going to enjoy my "drug of choice" tonight: Live Music!

  Friend of mine & I plan on heading out to The Rockpile tonight for a "girl's night" , with a CD release for Killer Dwarfs (congrats, fellas!!  \m/)...... BUT!.... direct support is  Heavens Fire. This is not to take anything away from The Dwarfs (who truly kick ass), but I have waited a loooooong time (since the release of "Playing With Fire" that came out July 7th of 2017) to see Heavens Fire, and bonus: CounterWait is also on tonight's bill. This will be one hell of a show......... and I am SO looking forward to the evening.

  G-man is staying home to rest up for tomorrow's truck show in Toronto (my wagon might drag a little, but looking forward to that, too!), and the evening plans got changed, so I will have to be close to home (Warehouse) for Teenaged Head.

  IF you are in the Toronto area (tomorrow night), go see Iron Priest at The Rockpile... I know that show, too, will kick your butt... and one of these days, I will get to a show of theirs... Circumstances have crappy timing.

  Had Julez & Tommy from Social-Strife in studio this past Wednesday (the 18th), and we had a serious blast! Those guys are welcome any time! Coming up on the 25th of April, I have the honour of cohosting with a new band called Superchucker, and looking forward to that, too...

  Busy busy...

  Woke up this morning to 1500 on the page (@DjPhoenixCamerah)... thank you!! I will do my best to keep you informed of what is happening in my music world! You all rock!!!

  Photos are progressing nicely, but for now, on hold till I get a little more time.... I have a feeling I will be chained to this computer for a few days... I got side-tracked overhauling the music files... trying to get everything up-to-date for the shows. Never-ending!

  A few things: Check out Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada, indie-rocks.ca, and bsliverocks.com for what is happening in the area & beyond!

  Join me on Wednesdays on RBX Radio at 8 PM Eastern... and check out Bobby B. & Christie Hails every Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern..... playing the best Canadian- wide indie they can find.

  I am going to get ready for tonight. Always remember:

Support your local music scene, they work hard to help entertain YOU!!

April 6th, 2018:

  Keeping busy today taking care of a few updates. I am still wanting to hear from bands on You Tube links so I can do my part to help out. Hitting that "subscribe" button goes a long way to doing that. So, you find a band you like...? Please subscribe!

  Last night, I was at The Cabaret Quicksand's CD release for "The Company You Keep", and was treated to an amazing show thanks to Bobby & Shane of BS Live Rocks (shout out to Ron... *waves*). Saw some AWESOME people I haven't seen in a very long time, and it was good to catch up with everyone. G even stayed a little longer than he wanted to initially, and had a great time, too. A big congrats to them with the release. Shout outs to Brad Battle, Serena & Nick, The Warehouse and everyone who made it happen. Y'all did a fantastic job.

  Just a little side note, too... it was great to see Angela Siracusa, owner-operator of SongPie Connection Inc. & radio promoter at Catchin Waves Radio Promotion. That lady is an amazing person! She has been there with me from my start at Max Ink Radio, and carries her support to my new home at RBX Radio. Check her work out! (... and she might blush a little, but she, too, has always been an awesome artist in my eyes!)

  Before I go any further, I need to give a shout out to Tim over at Frederick's Foto for saving my butt once again! You need something, he is the guy to see. I cannot thank him enough for his knowledge on everything I need to know, to do the job I do. Thanks, Tim!

  Tonight, I'm not really sure what I want to do (awesome show happening at Detour... 5 minutes from the house, no less, with The Advancing Low-Lives and The Fortunate Losers so I *am* thinking about it...), because I will have a busy day with Saturday's two (2!!!) CD releases going on at The Corktown (for Rev Bob and the Lil Evil Blues Band's release and one of the support artists is Dougy Flyswatter) and This Ain't Hollywood (for Janicii's release and support for that is Battered Egos & Lady In Black). *Sigh*... at least they are BOTH in Hamilton.... and I might bring out my stubborn trying to spread myself thin to do both. I would need a clone for a 3rd show I would like to be at, with The Studio (also in Hamilton) having a WRt (Whiskey Rose Tributes) Best of Whitesnake & Dio show, who has playlist band Punishment as special guests. (I just want to go to everything... can ya tell? I know that it's impossible, but I do my best to try. This is why people think my rocker left me long ago... )

  A couple things to check out is Live Entertainment Calendar for Canada on Facebook (if you want to see what's going on for shows), and if you are interested in running an ad promo for your band or business, get a hold of Christie Hails at indie-rocks.ca for information on how to do that. The website is a-freakin-mazing thanks to her hard work & dedication! You can either contact her on Facebook or contact the website.

  I have to give a shout out, as well, to Amanda Schilz Tulk , who is a great band biographer! You can see some of her work on the indie-rocks.ca website, too. She is a published writer & author, and her drive is inspiring!

  Ok... time to see about a few other things for now. I will catch you on the RBX airwaves Wednesdays (8 PM EST/ 1 AM GMT)... and don't forget that on Tuesdays, Bobby B. & Christie Hails brings you an AWESOME Canadian indie show at 7 PM EST (Midnight GMT). Check out rbxradio.com and join us in chat!

  Have a rockin' weekend!!!

April 13th, 2018:

  I don't have to tell you the obvious... you already know... bwahahaha (<-- *evil laugh*). I have more issues with Saturday the 14th....... and no, I don't know why.

  CD release tonight for my pals in Deciphering The Pale at the Geekery.... which promises to be an awesome night of metal. I have been looking forward to this for a while now, and I'm excited for new releases of all genres, this just happens to be one of my favorites...

  I am going to get my rump in gear here... and hope you all have an amazing weekend! Catch me on RBX Radio every Wednesday (8-11 PM Est.), and don't forget Bobby B. & Christie Hails on Tuesdays, starting at 7 PM Est...... and check out the indie-rocks.ca page & website.

  Keep it rockin'!!!